15 Unknown Things About Roman Emperor Caligula

11. Caligula referred himself as god and dressed as one at public events

Caligula Facts

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In his capriciousness, Caligula addressed himself as an immortal god and went around triumphantly. Such was his madness that at various public functions and gatherings, he often would appear dressed as a god or a goddess. Yeah…Caligula cross dressed as a female..lol! He regarded himself to be the God Jupiter and also signed on state documents by the same name. In his reign, citizens saw many heads of statues of gods getting replaced by Caligula’s head. He got temples made to worship him and ordered that all his senators worship him as their god.

12. Caligula was affected with mental instability

Caligula Facts

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Do you know why Caligula behaved in such a sadistic way and how he changed his personality soon after he became the emperor? Well, its now known that the emperor suffered from some kind of mental illness, or meningitis that led him to his doom. In the first six months of his reign as the new emperor, Caligula was absolutely normal and was in-fact very popular with people. However, later he got transformed into a tyrant and a psychopath because he was suffering from a disease. Many historians claim that he was suffering from Wilson’s disease or hyperthyroidism.

13. Caligula was a sadist

Caligula Facts

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Caligula was one of Rome’s most heartless sadist emperors and had many a bizarre likes and fantasies. When he would get bored watching a fight between the gladiators and lions, he would suddenly order his guards to throw the spectators that would be sitting in the first few rows in the stadium. Such an order would generally be passed in the intervals and to keep himself amused in the break time, he would do this. There was another sadistic pleasure that he derived from watching prisoners getting thrown from top of towers while eating his breakfast.

14. Caligula opened a brothel inside his palace and engaged in all kinds of sexual escapades

Caligula Facts

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A maniac…a deranged man-Caligula had different kinds of sexual preferences. After he had done spending all his money, he opened a brothel in his own palace. He indulged in orgies often and appointed senator’s wives to overlook the running of the brothel. He did so by forcing them.

When he would throw banquets and parties for guests, he would forcibly pick a few of the married women and have sex with them. Later he would discuss their performance with their husbands. In his sick frame of mind, Caligula once raped both the groom and his newly wedded wife simply because the couple had failed to offer him an open bar.

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15. Caligula appointed his horse Incitatus as the priest

Roman emperor Caligula

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Another whimsical thing about Caligula was his mad love for his horse Incitatus. In his lunacy, he appointed the horse as the highest priest in Rome and made himself a laughing stock. He went on to build a lavish villa for Incitatus, having 18 servants for his service and 16 lush gardens. He also got Incitatus a stable made out of marble and dressed it with jewels and purple clothes. The food that Incitatus ate comprised of oatmeal that was made with gold flakes as one of it’s components. His madness reached its pinnacle when he wedded Incitatus to a woman.

The man was definitely out of his mind, as so many sources claim. But, one should take these facts with a little pinch of salt as some of these may have been merely rumors or legends. He went on to become one of Rome’s most notorious emperors. We do hope that you have loved reading these little known facts about this psychopath – Roman emperor Caligula.

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