15 Unknown Things About Roman Emperor Caligula

6. The fact about Caligula building the floating bridge across the Bay of Baiee may be a myth

Caligula Facts

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was notorious for many things, but some of those facts were merely baseless rumors. Among these rumors was the building of a floating bridge across the Bay of Baiee, overlooking his palace. According to writings by Suetonius, Caligula in his recklessness got a floating bridge built across the Bay of Baiee. He spent loads of money on a whimsical notion that he could ride all across Baiee, just to show off how great a mortal he was. But, now we know that it was merely a myth. Most laughable is the legend that speaks of him, riding his horse across the bridge, attired in a gold cloak and wearing Alexander the Great’s breastplate.

7. The fact about Caligula launching massive pleasure barges in Lake Nemi is true

Caligula Facts

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Accounts of the lunatic Roman emperor Caligula will testify that the emperor was in-fact a deranged man and had many a sadistic impulses within him that coaxed him to act in weird ways. One such massive example of weirdness is that he got humongous barges built in Lake Nemi. He was an extravagant man and got huge ships built that were replete with all kinds of fathomable luxuries. While one ship was decorated with marble flooring and an inbuilt palace, the other barge had a beautiful temple of Diana. We can say that this fact is real because in the 1920’s and 1930’s workers discovered these ships that bore the name of Caligula.

8. Caligula wasn’t a merciless tax collector unlike most rumors

Caligula Facts

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Some Caligula facts are real while a few are absolutely fake and baseless. Unlike most accounts that suggest that Caligula collected heavy taxes from the people of Rome, he, in-fact was quite liberal. The claims that he levied taxes mercilessly are totally anachronistic. During the first six months of his reign, Caligula was a much loved emperor who was respected by the citizens of Rome. Unlike what’s written in Suetonius writings, Caligula’s murder led to a massive outcry among the people who demanded proper investigation into the matter. If this emperor was such a tyrant, no one would have wasted time in asking for answers.

9. Milonia Caesonia, the last wife of Caligula was a promiscuous woman

Caligula Facts

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Caligula was married four times and his last wife’s name was Milonia Caesonia who had a very bad name in the social circles. A former priestess of Goddess Isis, Milonia was quite a colorful woman with many affairs to her credit. She also led a lavish life and was divorced before she met Caligula. She had three children from her previous marriage and met Caligula in a gathering of various priestesses of Isis. With much opposition, both of them got married and bore three daughters. However, in 41 AD, she was murdered along with her daughters while returning back from a rehearsal of a play. She was killed by Cassius Chaerea who then murdered Caligula by stabbing him.

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10. Before he could go on to conquer Britain, Caligula was murdered

Caligula Facts

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If Caligula wasn’t stabbed by Cassius Chaerea who led a coup and successfully got rid of him, he could have gone ahead in conquering Britain. He was a violent emperor known for his sadistic demeanor, but, nevertheless formulated successful plans in capturing new territories. He was also planning to take over Britain but his plan was cut short when he was killed. Caligula, however, went on to reach the English Channel. Thereafter, Britain was successfully captured by his successor Claudius who conquered Britain in 43 Ad.

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