15 Famous Roman Emperors Of Ancient Times

11. Valentinian I

List of roman emperors

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Popularly known as Valentinian the Great, he ruled for over 11 years, from 364 to 375. He fought many clans during his reign, Sarmatians and Quadi to name a few, but his biggest success was his victory against the Alamanni in the battle of Solicinium (367). He played a crucial role in the fortification of frontiers. The empire declined very rapidly after his death in the year 375. He is often called the “last great western emperor”. His sons succeeded him after his demise.

12. Theodosius I

Emperors of Rome

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He was one of the last emperors of Rome to reign over both western and eastern parts of the Roman empire. He had a long fighting battle against the Goths which he could not win. He ruled for 16 years, and his sons succeeded him after his death in 395.

13. Arcadius

Emperors of Rome

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He succeeded his father Theodosius I to the throne, and ruled for over 25 years. It is said that he was a very weak ruler and his ministers dominated most of his decisions. His wife Aelia Eudoxia had an upper hand on him and took a number of his decisions for him. He is said to be a very pious Christian.

14. Honorius

Emperors of Rome

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He was the emperor of the Roman empire for over a whopping 30 years. Being the youngest son of Theodosius I he was the legal heir to the throne when his brother Arcadius died. His reign is known to be extremely chaotic and the decline of the empire had begun under his supervision. He may have ruled for many years but is often termed as one of the worst Roman emperors.

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15. Theodosius II

Emperors of Rome

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Also called Theodosius the calligrapher, he ruled the Roman empire for 48 long years. He is famous for the Theodosian Law Code. He gained popularity by building the Theodosian walls of Constantinople. He died while suffering injuries in a hunting accident.

The Roman Empire has seen a series of Roman emperors, while some of them became very successful, others failed to make an impact. The rich history and culture of Rome is definitely because of the many successors to the throne and the things that took place during their regime.

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