10 Most Famous Ancient Roman Art Paintings

6. Fresco painting of a face, plants and birds

Roman Paintings

Image Credit: daum

The painting shown below is that of a herm with a face painted of what looks like a woman’s face. Typically a herm was constructed as a border marker and represented the face or bust of the person that owned property, like a palace, or a villa. The herm painting belongs to Pompeii and depicts a whole garden. The garden is painted with green and shows lushness all around as well as little birds sitting around the herm. The head and face were painted using natural colors but now have lost their sheen.

7. The gorgeous paintings of Eros and Psyche

The gorgeous paintings of Eros and Psyche

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Roman art has always been flamboyant in its depiction of various subjects and topics like people, gods, goddesses, animals, and love. The painting shown below is that of Eros and Psyche. Ancient Roman artists loved to portray eternal love between people and mythological characters, and one of the most popular subjects was Eros and Psyche’s love story. The painting was taken off the walls of a Pompeii house called TerenzioNeo and then was pasted on a structure made out of wood. Many such frescoes were discovered from the walls of royal palaces and villas and were later put up at museums for restoration.

8. The paintings on a Roman wall

Roman Paintings

Image Credit: wikimedia

One can always check out ancient Roman art in museums today. Most of these paintings have been collected from ancient Roman cities like Pompeii that housed villas with decorative walls representing local lives, women, couples and animals. The walls of Villa dellaFarnesina were painted with myriad motifs out of which this particular painting appears quite charming with lots of colors thrown in the canvas. The villa was owned by a rich family and dates back to 63 BC-14AD. The primary colors seen here are Pompeian Red, yellow and black.

9. The painting of a fight between a Gryphon and a hooded figure

Roman Paintings

Image Credit: staticflickr

Among the many famous Roman paintings were those that depicted fight sequences between fabled monsters and heroes. One such painting is that of a scene that depicts a fight between Gryphon and a hooded figure of a person. A Gryphon was a mythological beast, having a lion’s body and the head and wings of an eagle. The painting shows a figure of a man wearing a hood, trying to save himself from getting injured by the sharp claws of the creature. He is wearing some sort of a shield. The painting was collected from Pompeii.

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10. The painting depicting Io and Argus, Pompeii

 Roman Art

Image Credit: ancientrome

Roman Art showing tales of love between mythological characters have always found mention in history books. Most art dating back to the ancient Roman time depicted love and emotions between nymphs, humans and gods. This particular painting shows Zeus standing naked right next to Io who was a nymph. Zeus fell madly in love with Io who was a damsel but in order to save her from Hera, he transformed Io into a heifer. Here, one can see Io sitting next to Zeus with small horns slowly starting to grow on her head. There were many versions of this painting on various walls of other houses, but this one survived. Also, these paintings never bore the signature or name of the painters that drew them as it was not a common practice back then.

The above showcased Roman art bears testimony to the fact that Romans were great artists too. Do return back with comments if you liked the post.