15 Ancient Roman Inventions We Still Use Today

11. Grid Based Settlements

What Did The Romans Do For Us

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The concept of grid based cities was not invented particularly in Rome but these people welcomed this idea from civilization of Harappa, and metamorphosed it symmetrically all throughout their cities. Romans brought this grid system into their cities and connected each one with others. The streets were divided or clustered together in the form of rectangular grids, with a criss cross of streets. It helped in segregating areas effectively.

12. Aqueducts

Roman Inventions

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The technique for reserving water from springs, rain and streams was best known to Romans that never felt the shortage of water in living life to the fullest. Most Romans were able to have a good life mainly due to the presence of aqueducts that helped in storing abundant water in reservoirs. The engineers pioneered the use of aqueducts to collect water flowing from the hills. This water flowed directly to the city’s reservoirs. From these, the bath houses and fountains would get the required water. This facilitated the working of public baths and urinals on a daily basis. So, when our kids ask what did the Romans do for us, tell them about aqueducts for sure!

13. Postal Service

Roman Inventions

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The modern day postal service can thank the ancient Romans that can be attributed with inventing it many millennia ago. Rome is the one and only civilization to have developed a systematic postal system for its people. It was under the rule of Augustus Caesar that a formalized postal service came into practice. Originally known as Cursus Publicus, the postal service was run and operated by the government. It included transportation and deliverance of messages and tax revenues to various roman cities and provinces.

14. Traffic Signs

Roman Inventions

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The ancient Roman Empire flourished not only on a strong foundation of properly laid grids, drainage and ground breaking legal system, but also because of traffic signs that made traveling for trade and military easy. All the Roman provinces and cities were marked with roads, each of which had proper traffic signs erected on the sideways. The milestone concept developed in Rome and is still used today. It contained information like distances and directions.

15. Fast Food Restaurant

Ancient Roman Inventions

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Most of us modern beings are familiar with the concept of fast food joints or restaurants. But, can you guess the origin of these outlets? Rome. Yes it was the Roman Empire that first gifted to us the fast food joint concept. The ancient Roman cities offered many luxuries, of which fast food restaurants were counted as very essential by the public. Most fast food joints sold ready to eat food stuff like pizza, soup, bread and sausage. The food was sold along with wine for drinkers.

Many Roman inventions are still in the process of getting discovered. Keep looking!

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