15 Ancient Roman Inventions We Still Use Today

6. Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals

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Another marvelous and groundbreaking invention by the ancient Romans was the numeral system. This system is in practice till today. The Roman numeral system used letters in Latin as opposed to numbers and was invented for making counting easier and effective. This numeral system had many a defects but it still survived. There was no zero in this system but it helped people do simple counting in an efficient manner. If you look through the findings, you will notice that the use of this system started around 900 BC. Tradesmen made use of Roman numerals for conducting business.

7. Newspaper

What Did The Romans Do For Us

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The modern day newspaper can trace its origin to the ancient Roman times when it was first introduced to mankind. Rome was the cradle where a modern and systematic process was invented to help flow of communication properly. This was done in the form of written documents, publishing news about daily happenings. The newspapers were published in the form of written sheets featuring stories of the day and were circulated and posted by the authorities of the Roman Government. Newspapers were also published on stone or metal. These were put up in the Roman Forum for everyone to read.

8. Bound Books

What Did The Romans Do For Us

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A properly bound book as we know it today, was invented in Rome. This civilization taught humans the modern way of reading, while most others had scrolls or tablets for this purpose. Even Romans used tablets till they invented a bound book with pages. Even their law textbooks were properly bound and had thousands of attached papers, made out of animal skin. So, without a doubt, Romans brought to us the concept of books that were bound with thick volumes.

9. Surgical Tools and Techniques

What Did The Romans Do For Us

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If Roman inventions in surgery hadn’t been done, we wouldn’t have survived healthily even for a day. Yes, this civilization invented many techniques in surgery and medicine. Romans pioneered in developing hundreds of modern surgical tools that remain in use till today. Tools like bone drillers, vaginal speculum, scalpels made of bronze were introduced for the first time two millennia ago. The modern C-Section or Cesarean delivery was first invented during Caesar’s reign of Rome.

10. Roman Law

Roman Inventions

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The Twelve Tables, a Roman law dictated rules and regulations in ancient Roman cities. It gave us many legal systems like the Habeas Corpus and Pro Bono that we use even till today. Rome had a very just legal system governed by the twelve tables. These tables contained codes of conduct and were regarded as a constitution of the land. This was adopted in around 450 BC. The tables contained laws dealing with crimes and their punishments, property and other family issues.

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