13 Facts About The Ancient Roman Gladiators

11. Some Gladiators Formed Trade Unions

Roman Gladiators

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While the fellow gladiators always competed against each other and were highly vulnerable to death at any time, these brave men shared a feeling of brotherhood among themselves. It is known that they organized trade unions among themselves. They used to elect their protector deities and leaders too. Whenever a warrior died in a fight these groups made sure that the deceased gladiator received proper funeral along with a grave inscription that honored his achievements. In case he had a wife and children, the union would ensure that they also received the necessary monetary compensation for their loss.

12. The Jews and Christians Despised The Gladiators

Roman Gladiators

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The Jews and Christians were always against the gladiator fights and they were of the view that these fights were in favor of inherent idolatry. This is mainly because these spectacles were often a part of religious festivals that glorified pagan worship featuring idols and pagan gods. Thus, the sport of gladiator fights never managed to appease the Christians and Jews.

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13. Constantine Banned The Gladiatorial Games Officially In The Year 325 CE.

Roman Gladiators

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The First Christian Ruler of Rome, Constantine when he came to power. He gave reasons that the gladiator fights cannot and should not be a part of a civil and domestic society. Though there is no proof that the ban was put into practice on humanitarian grounds. This is because it is known that the prospective gladiators were all sent to work in mines under inhuman conditions in order to maintain a steady flow of labor in the country. Further evidence also state that the games had become over-expensive and more “Christianizing” in the country resulted in less number of combatants.

So, with this we have come to know a great deal about the gallantry and glory of the Roman Gladiators. They were indeed bravehearts unmatchable in their determination and spirit to fight and win. Though the murderous sport was an injustice to the human in them, we really need to salute their dignity and courage for living with such undying strength of mind and body.

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