15 Weird Facts About Ancient Rome

11. In Ancient Rome, Left Handed People Were Seen as Evil and Unlucky

Roman Facts

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The ancient Romans considered left handed people to be the harbingers of bad luck and evil. Such people were looked down upon, and were treated with disregard. It was only a left handed gladiator that was given a special place in combats as these warriors were rumored to have mastered unique skills for fighting opponents. But, for the rest, being left handed brought much wrath from the Roman community.

12. Caligula Appointed his Horse Incitatus a Priest

Roman Facts

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One of the most laughable facts about ancient Romans was the appointment of a horse as a High priest by an emperor. One of Rome’s most powerful emperors, ‘Caligula-the cross dresser’ appointed his horse a priest in the Roman Republic. He also built a luxurious stable made of marble for Incitatus.

13. Ancient Romans Did Not Use Soap For Cleaning Themselves

Roman Facts

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It’s quite funny when you hear about this weird fact about these mighty Romans. Romans were a hygiene conscious community, but when it came to cleaning their bodies, soap was never used. Instead, people used oils over their bodies, and once applied, strigil was used to clean off any dirt that came out with the oil. This tool originated first in Rome.

14. Ancient Roman Emperors Took Poison Regularly

 Ancient Rome Facts

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It may sound eerie bur it’s a fact that emperors in ancient Rome poisoned themselves daily to get a better immune system. The first emperor to consume poison on a day to day basis was ‘Mithridates the Great’. The poison was poured in a vessel supposedly crafted out of a one horned horse’s horn and then consumed.

15. Ancient Romans Worshiped Gods of Toilet, Bowel Movements & Sewer

 Ancient Rome Facts

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Hilarious as it may sound, the ancient Romans had gods of toilet, excrement and sewer! Crepitus, the toilet god was much worshiped when Roman folks found themselves stuck down with bowel diseases like diarrhea. Even when someone was down with constipation, he or she would pray to the toilet god for his heavenly blessing.

The dung god called Stercutius was invoked whenever the season of fertilization of crops was on full swing. It were the Roman farmers that worshiped Stercutius. This definitely has to be the most funny and weirdest of all the facts about ancient Rome that we have spoken of today!

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