15 Weird Facts About Ancient Rome

6. Ancient Romans Wore Phalluses as Lucky Charms

Roman Facts

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Though, ancient Romans are credited with being powerful warriors, genius doctors and civilized society, yet these folks were pretty superstitious. Their superstitious beliefs led them to wear necklaces and jewellery made in the form of male genital called the phallus or penis.

Phallus was considered a good luck charm by Romans who were in the practice of hanging phallus shaped wind chimes in their homes. Many objects have been discovered with a common resemble to an erect penis.

7. The Ancient Roman Emperor Caligula was a Cross Dresser

Roman Facts

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Among one of the funniest and weird Roman facts, the act of cross dressing by Emperor Caligula can be termed as ‘hilarious yet disdainful’. If the emperor were to appear in modern times, dressed as woman, most would address him as a transvestite. Caligula, when in public, would often dress up in a woman’s clothes and behaved very effeminately. He was a narcissist and called himself god.

8. Valeria Messalina, the Third Wife of Emperor Claudius was a Nymphomaniac

Roman Facts

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Another weird yet a believable ancient Rome facts is the one related to Emperor Claudius’s third wife-Valeria Messalina. Yes, guys she was a nympho. So bad was her sex addiction that one night she began a competition with a prostitute. The feat was to sleep with the maximum number of men in one night. Who won? Can you guess? It was Messalina! We dedicate this weird piece for our male readers …wink…wink…!!

9. Ancient Romans Drank the Blood of Gladiators

 Facts About Ancient Rome

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It can be termed a rather inhuman act of Romans who drank the blood of gladiators to cure diseases like epilepsy and infertility. Its an irony that Romans who were called ‘great inventors and warriors’ were cannibalistic in nature. It was a common practice to sell a gladiator’s blood when he died in the arena fighting. However, the most disgusting fact is that people were also drawn towards drinking blood from criminals after they had been executed.

10. Only an Emperor or a High Ranking Official Could Wear Purple Clothes

 Facts About Ancient Rome

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Another weird fact about these ancient Romans is that purple clothes could be worn only by the emperor and a senator. For others, it was a punishable offense to appear in purple dyed clothing by commoners. This color was regarded as a symbol of opulence and the dye was procured from murex seashells.

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