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15 Interesting Facts About Genghis Khan and Mongol

How many of you know about Genghis Khan, the greatest conqueror of all times? For such readers that have little knowledge about the Mongolian Emperor, here are the 15 interesting Genghis Khan facts. The greatest leader of the Mongols-Genghis Khan was a tyrant and conquered almost 12 million square miles of territory across the world.

15 Famous Castles in The World You Must see

Our planet is dotted with such beautiful and famous castles that its quite a hard task to enlist them in one post. However, we have tried our level best to cover as many wonderful and majestic castles as we could. Castles were a symbol of power and wealth back in olden times when the rich

15 Greatest Examples of Mughal Architecture in the World

Mughal architecture is known for its detailed and elaborate splendour. India’s architecture flourished under the Mughals. Mughals without a doubt had a very good taste when it came to the construction of monuments. Except for Aurangzeb, all early Mughal leaders appreciated art and creativity. During their reign, a number of mosques, mausoleums, gardens, forts, cities

15 Interesting Facts about Ancient Chinese Food

Chinese food is popular all over the world. We just love the taste of Cantonese fried rice along with the prawn in oyster sauce. So much has been the popularity of Chinese foods that people have customized the cuisine to suit their taste buds, depending on the place they live in. Some traditional Chinese foods

15 Little Known Facts about US Presidents

Scandals, controversies, moments of heroism. Most US presidents had a fair share of all these and more. There were times of frenzy that shocked the nation, or had potential to alter the course of world history. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known facts about US presidents. 1. He couldn’t hold his

The History of Sex Toys : 13 Most Insane Sex Toys

Do you know about the history of sex toys? It may come as a shocker that some of modern time’s sex toys are not that modern. In fact they have ancient origins! Our ancestors surely knew how to pleasure themselves and boy…they were good. Really! Since, most of you may not have read much about

History of the Swastika : Why Hitler Stole It

It was the symbol adopted by ruthless German führer Adolf Hitler, one of the most-hated men who ever walked the earth. It’s a symbol that represents slaughter of millions of people in perhaps the most destructive of all the wars ever fought. But the history of the Swastika dates back to thousands of years, long

21 Famous Music Composers and their Popular Compositions

Music is as old as mankind itself. Ever since people began recognizing the sounds that were pleasant to their ears, they tried to reproduce and preserve them for posterity. Music composers were inspired by nature, love, happiness, war, sadness, and similar other feelings to pen some of their most popular pieces that will stay forever