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15 Little Known Facts about US Presidents

Scandals, controversies, moments of heroism. Most US presidents had a fair share of all these and more. There were times of frenzy that shocked the nation, or had potential to alter the course of world history. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known facts about US presidents. 1. He couldn’t hold his

History of the Swastika : Why Hitler Stole It

It was the symbol adopted by ruthless German führer Adolf Hitler, one of the most-hated men who ever walked the earth. It’s a symbol that represents slaughter of millions of people in perhaps the most destructive of all the wars ever fought. But the history of the Swastika dates back to thousands of years, long

21 Famous Music Composers and their Popular Compositions

Music is as old as mankind itself. Ever since people began recognizing the sounds that were pleasant to their ears, they tried to reproduce and preserve them for posterity. Music composers were inspired by nature, love, happiness, war, sadness, and similar other feelings to pen some of their most popular pieces that will stay forever

15 Interesting Facts about Nikola Tesla You Should Know

Outstanding physicist, electrical engineer, and inventor, Nikola Tesla was several personalities rolled into one. Known as a futurist, this Serbian-American scientist had more than 300 patents to his name, and is credited with the development of alternating current (AC). His works became the basis of laser X rays, robotics, lighting, wireless communication and several other

Key Events 2016 : Major World Events In 2016

The year 2016 has ended with a bang with many remarkable events that were, and are still in the minds of all of us. The key events 2016 that shook the world, some good, some bad are presented below for our dear readers. So, without wasting any time, let’s shower some light on unforgettable key

15 Interesting Facts About Hindu Mythology

Hindu mythology is mysterious, intriguing and rich with millions of riveting stories about gods and goddesses, creatures and characters that culminate to form into one foundation stone upon which Hindu religion is based and is still thriving. The Hindu religion is world’s oldest religion dating back to around 5000-10000 BC. Most of us have no

13 Stunning Facts About America’s Founding Fathers

The founding fathers of America were the men whose faces have been chiseled on Mount Rushmore. These men were politicians, who worked very hard in making America the land it is today. The following is a list of some lesser known facts about the Founding Fathers of America and they are sure to astonish you.

13 Amazing Ice Age Facts

Ice Ages have always been a mystery to scientists. It’s a period of near-freezing global temperatures that often last millions of years. There were at least five major Ice Ages with approximately 12 periods of glacial expansion over the past one million years. Humans are believed to have developed significantly during the most recent period