15 Historical Mysteries That Are Unsolved

11. The Gods of Olympus are not mythological creatures

Unsolved Historical Mysteries

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It is a possibility that some of the early men were very powerful. They were better than normal human beings and had their hands on various forms of technology. Many believe that Gods of Greek mythology may not be actual people but extraterrestrial beings with super power and better technology in their hands.

12. Oak Island money pit

Historical Mysteries

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Stories have circulated around the Oak Island money pit, that it contains treasure of Captain William Kidd who was supposedly a pirate. Thousands of expeditionary visits have been made there by explorers but to no avail. However people haven’t stopped trying.

13. The assassination of John F. Kennedy

Historical Mysteries

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The assassination of John F. Kennedy is perhaps America’s biggest unsolved historical mysteries. It is widely believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the one who shot him dead, but many believe that Oswald was not the only one who fired a gun, and there was someone else involved. Oswald fired the gun three times, which not only killed the American president, but injured Governor John Conally as well. Conspiracy theorists believe that Oswald alone couldn’t have caused so much damage all by himself, and that CIA assassins were involved in the shooting as well; but the investigators are yet to reach a consensus on this matter.

14. Cleopatra’s tomb

Historical Mysteries

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As per ancient writers, Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII were buried together owing to the love which they had for each other. The two died in 30 BC and Plutarch a writer during that era, mentioned the tomb was located near the temple of Isis, but the tomb has never been found. Scientists believe that the tomb may have been plundered or withered.

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15. Stonehenge

Historical Mysteries

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While some scientists believe it was made by glacial movements, others believe it was a man-made miracle. Dating back to the 2500 and 3000 BC these stone hedges most probably came into existence in the Neolithic age. There are many people who believe that it was made by the aliens and to this date it remains to be one of the most debated unsolved historical mysteries.

The aforementioned incidents are just a few to mention, but there are plenty of historical mysteries which are yet to be unsolved. History if one looks at it calls for attention, inquisitiveness and more than anything else a scientific approach. A lot of things in history are shrouded with some sort of a darkness which is yet to be lit up with scientific enlightenment.

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