15 Historical Mysteries That Are Unsolved

6. The Mary Celeste

Historical Mysteries

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Mary Celeste was a ship carrying British-American passengers. This ship is often known to be a “ghost-ship”. The mystery behind this boat was that after ship-wreck none of the people or the ship was to be found. Surprisingly, all the possessions of the people were found but none of the people came back to tell the actual story.

7. “Flying Saucer” sightings by Kenneth Arnold

Historical Mysteries

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Back on June 24th 1947, Kenneth Arnold a private pilot saw 9 oddly shaped machines flying over Washington, and a sub-editor covering this news termed them as flying saucers. Since then the debate over flying saucers has begun and people have been sighting peculiar objects in the sky.

8. Babushka lady

Unsolved Historical Mysteries

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The assassination of John F. Kennedy was one of the darkest days in history. When the entire act of shooting was going on, everyone surrounding the president went for a cover, but there was one lady who was standing there and filming the entire process. The woman wore a scarf, which resembled that of an elderly Russian woman known as Babushka, and hence she came to be known as the Babushka lady. After, the shooting, she joined the crowd and walked away, nobody knew who she was, and the film she made was never seen.

9. The pyramid of Hellinikon

Unsolved Historical Mysteries

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We all know that pyramids are mostly found in the Arab world, especially in Egypt. However, surprisingly Greece too has its share of pyramids. There are 16 pyramids in Greece and few others in related parts of Europe. Not much is known about these pyramids, and there are no inscriptions on it which say much about it. Archaeologists say, that these pyramids were made in 3000 BC which makes them older than the Egyptian pyramids as well. The weird part is that the government does not allow excavations of the sight.

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10. The shroud of Turin

Unsolved Historical Mysteries

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Another unsolved historical mysteries, is the shroud of Turin. It is one of the most investigative objects ever. It is believed to be the shroud of Jesus of Nazareth, however, scientists believe that it is a medieval fake, and its authenticity is yet to be deciphered.

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