13 Legendary Mysteries Associated With the Knights Templar

11. The mysterious Gerard de Montclair

the Knights Templar

Image Credit: Ancient Origins

Mentioned in Finke’s document, is the name of one Gerard de Montclair. Historians are unsure about who he really was and his identity. Richard de Montclair of Cyprus, is the closest name that historians have found in records. But the two persons are seemingly not connected.

12. The Templars who escaped

the Knights Templar

Image Credit: National Geographic

Templars were burned, following conviction of heresy, at the beginning of 14th century. They were rounded up and slaughtered en masse. But there’s a less popular story of 12 French Templars who managed to escape. According to a popular story, while all Templars were rounded up on Friday, 13 October 1307, the whereabouts of about 2400 escapees are not known. History has no record of them.

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13. What happened to Guillaume de Lins?

the Knights Templar

Image Credit: greyfalcon

A high officer in the Knights Templar in charge of receptions and ceremonies, Guillaume de Lins had supposedly escaped the killing of the brethren. But his name is also spelt as Gillierm de Lurs which makes it difficult to ascertain the actual person’s identity. He has since remained untraced.

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