13 Legendary Mysteries Associated With the Knights Templar

6. Mystery of Temple Mount

the Knights Templar

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The Knights Templar has been associated with lost artifacts and treasures like the Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant. Most of the stories are myths and fantasies. Researches of Knight Templar secrets, however, believe that some outposts had possibilities of hidden treasures. They are believed to have carried out some large-scale excavations beneath the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, following the discovery of some tunnels. Whether the excavations were accidental or for a purpose, are widely debated. Also, whether they found anything beneath the Islamic temple, is not known.

7. Beneath Rosslyn Chapel

the Knights Templar

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It’s the biggest of all Knights Templar mysteries. Most of the stories have emerged from the Sinclair family’s connection with the Knights Templar and a book titled The Secrets of Rosslyn, authored by Father Richard Hay in the 1700s. Hay tells of a labyrinth of tunnels leading to a temporary resting place of the 12 knights, hidden vaults, and other secrets. Over the centuries these mysteries have snowballed into bigger myths. Perhaps a full-fledged excavation could settle the dust.

8. The Templar skulls

the Knights Templar

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Luz, in France, has many well-preserved Knights Templar churches. The Gavarnie church is said to house 12 skulls of the Templar chiefs. The entire area has several gateways, ramparts, and towers that overlook the huge Gavarnie Cirque valley. But save the legend, no bodies or names of the 12 men exist. It’s said, every year the spectre of the Grand Master de Molay enters Gavarnie church and asks whether anyone is ready to fight for the Knights Templar order, to which the skulls answer in the negative because the temple has been destroyed. Fanciful, yes; but the Gavarnie Cirque ravines echoes mysteries.

9. Who was the Templar deity?

Knights Templar History

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The Knights Templar, is said to have a head in its possession which the members worshiped. Most Templars denied anything in this regard. But William of Arreblay wrote of a ceremony in Paris where the Templars placed a sliver head, supposedly of Saint Ursula, on the altar and worshiped it. Centuries later, it’s still not known who exactly the Templar deity was.

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10. An assassination plot

the Knights Templar

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The Bishop of Auxerre Hugh de Chalon, one of the 12 Templars, was arrested and tried when he defied the king’s order and met the Pope in 1302, disregarding the king’s order of not to respond to papal summons. In another paper associated with historian Heinrich Finke who discovered the Templar list, Hugh de Chalon allegedly hatched a conspiracy to assassinate the king. But whether there was indeed such a plot, is not known for sure.

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