13 Awesome Siberian Mysteries

8. Okunev Noblewomen

Siberia Valley Of Death

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The discovery of the Okunev Noblewomen in Khakassia has unmasked one of the Serbian mysteries. The Okunev tribes are considered to be closely related to native Americans. The graves which are unearthed are supposed to be 25 to 18 centuries old. The tomb contains a lot of decorations made from animal teeth. Siberian rock art and clay incense burners were also found here. Experts can now connect the decorative with the Okunev burials which suggest that this tribe had a Southern origin.

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9. Dina and Yuan

Por Bajin

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During the late Pleistocene, the cave lions dominated the Eurasian land along with Alaska and Canada. These creatures went extinct some 10,000 years ago, but two cave lion cubs were discovered in 2015. These cubs are supposed to be 57,000 years ago and remained preserved because of the permafrost which covered them. The cubs dubbed as Dian and Yuan must have died when their den collapsed. They were two week old siblings and the white fluid found in their stomachs is suppose to be the oldest milk in the world.

10. Por Bajin

Por Bajin

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There is a mystery which shrouds Por Bajin. There is a huge debate on what Por Bajin actually was and nobody till today knows exactly what was the purpose of this place. Located between the Sayan and Altai Range, Por Bajin is located very close to the Mongolia borders. While some believe that the place was a summer palace and monastery, others believe that it was the Chinese forbidden city because the place is completely unaffected by any form of civilization. A distinctive Chinese influence has been observed in the architecture. It is yet to be known that whether the structure was built on water or the lake surrounding it formed later. This 1,300-year-old structure has been marred by many natural calamities including earthquakes.

11. Siberia Valley of death

Siberia Valley Of Death

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The Siberia Valley of death has a very scary history. The place is surrounded by half buried giant metal cauldrons. The place does not have a good reputation and there are hundreds of folk tales surrounding it. These metal cauldrons were smooth and hollow. Though the area was a trade route most traders did pass through it, given its mysterious reputation. No one knows where the metal cauldrons came from, because there are barely any inhabitants in that area.

12. Couple holding hands for 5,000 years

Siberia Valley Of Death

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The recent unearthing of a couple near Lake Baikal is quite a love story. Both bodies have been lying on their backs while joining hands. Many precious stones and ornaments have been found in the grave, which means that it must be the grave of a dignitary along with his lover or wife.

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13. The Tunguska meteorite

Siberia Valley Of Death

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The Tunguska meteorite fell in Siberia but there were no fragments found. There is no consensus as to what exactly happened, why and how.

The above mentioned Siberian mysteries and facts are enough evidence to testify that the place is a treasure trove for archaeologists. The permafrost has preserved life over the years which gives us a glimpse of the early man and the flora and fauna prevailing during those days. It may appear to be inhospitable but in reality it has been the cradle of mankind.

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