15 Most Bizarre Deaths in the Ancient World

11. Milo of Croton was devoured by wolves

Unusual Deaths

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Milo of Croton was a very famous wrestler during the 6th century. He was a very strong man and never missed an opportunity to show off his strengths. Once when Milo was walking in the forest, he came across a huge tree trunk, which apparently was split into two. In order to display his strength, he slid his hands into the tree to prove that he could tear the entire tree down with his bare hands. Unfortunately his hands got stuck inside the tree. Later a pack of wolves entered the scene and he could not escape because his hand remained stuck in the tree. Thus, he was devoured by the wolves.

12. Zeuxis had died of laughing

Mysterious Deaths In History

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Zeuxis quite literally had the last laugh. He was one of the best painters of his times. However, one day he was commissioned to make a painting of the ethereal Goddess Aphrodite, but the resultant painting turned out to be so bad that he started laughing and laughed to death.

13. Philitas starved to death

 Curious And Unusual Deaths

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Philitas belonged to Cos and he was a preoccupied and eccentric man. He was extremely thin, so much so that he had to wear weights on his feet to walk steadily. He was a scholar and a poet who was obsessed with words. He was so obsessed with his study of grammar that he forgot to eat and starved to death.

14. Prince Sado was locked inside a heavy chest by his father

 Curious And Unusual Deaths

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As per Korean history, King Yeongjo was one of the most successful and long-lived King. He ruled for around 52 years during which he implemented many laws in favor of the people. However, his son Prince Sado was nothing like him, and the King was strongly against the idea of passing the throne to him. Prince Sado came to be known as a rapist and a killer with an eccentric behavior. According to the Korean law, the King could not kill his son, but he could certainly punish him. Prince Sado was ordered to be locked up in a heavy chest which was used for storing rice. The chest was opened after 8 days only to find the dead body of Prince Sado; he died of suffocation.

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15. Mithridates was consumed by insects

Bizarre Deaths

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Mithridates was a Persian soldier during the rule of King Artaxerxes II. In a freak accident Mithridates killed arch nemesis Cyrus along with his brother. It was Artaxerxes, who took credit for killing his enemy, but one day, Mithridates spilled the beans after getting drunk. On hearing this the enraged king ordered to kill the soldier by scaphism. In such a death, the prisoner is trapped between two logs and drenched with milk and honey, following which flies and multitudes of vermin eat upon the body. Mithridates was left in this condition for 17 long days, after which he died because of septic shock, starvation and dehydration.

The aforementioned bizarre deaths are some of the most horrific ways in which men and women are known to perish. It is rather sad to know that some people had to go through severe atrocities before they met with their deaths. Such mysterious deaths in history have proved to be a scary tale of life and death.

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