15 Most Bizarre Deaths in the Ancient World

6. Hypatia was skinned alive

Mysterious Deaths In History

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Here is another one of the bizarre deaths in history. Hypatia belonged to Alexandria and was a well-respected woman. She was a feminist leader, a mathematician, and the head of a school. During her time, the Governor Orestes was fighting an ongoing feud with a Christian Bishop Cyril. There were rumors galore that Hypatia was encouraging the governor in his persecutions of Jews and Christians belonging to the city. Owing to these rumors the lady was kidnapped and taken to a church. Her clothes were stripped and she was skinned alive with sharp seashells, roof tiles, and potsherds.

7. Eleazar Avaran was crushed by a war elephant

Unusual Deaths

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Eleazar Avaran was Jewish soldier who fought during the Maccabean revolt. In 162 BC, during the Beth-Zachariah war it was Eleazar, who spotted an elephant carrying the adversary king Antiochus V. On seeing this elephant the brave Eleazar rushed underneath the elephant and stabbed, therefore, killing the elephant and himself. The elephant fell on Eleazar, after being stabbed and crushed him to death.

8. Aeschylus was killed by a tortoise

Curious And Unusual Deaths

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Here is one of the most mysterious deaths in history. Aeschylus was considered one of the greatest playwrights of his time and was regarded as the Father of Tragedy. In the year 458 BC, he was sitting outside when his bald head was mistook by an eagle for a stone and it dropped a tortoise on it. The Father of tragedy indeed died a tragic death.

9. Empedocles had jumped into a volcano

Curious And Unusual Deaths

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Empedocles was a fine man of many talents; he was an impressive orator, a successful scientist and a brilliant philosopher. The man claimed that he was gifted with magical powers and could heal diseases, control the weather and could stop people from aging. He believed that he had achieved the status of God, and leaped into an active volcano of Mount Etna thinking that he would be ascended to the Olympus. Funnily enough, the volcano spat out one of his sandals. Thus, this makes it to our list of bizarre deaths in the ancient world.

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10. King Henry I, died of eating pies

Mysterious Deaths In History

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This was a queer incident of death by eating pies. King Henry I had a strong liking for Lamprey pie, which was a delicacy during those times. Physicians had warned him not to eat too much, but he really could not resist binging on his favorite dish, and died due to food poisoning and overeating.

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