15 Famous Scientists Who Died Mysteriously

11. John Mullen

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Nuclear physicist John Mullen died in June 2004 from alleged arsenic poisoning. It’s rumored that a lethal dose of a health drink was served to him a few hours before he died. At the time of his death, the scientist was working for Boeing. In an unexpected twist, Mullen’s fiancée Tamara Rollo, who was supposed to be arrested for her involvement in the murder, was found dead in her home. Whether she was murdered or committed suicide wasn’t immediately disclosed by the police. But there has been no trial over Mullen’s death.

12. Jawad al Aubaidi

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This doctor from Cornel was hired to lead the mycoplasma biowar research project. One of his projects was to fill scud missile payloads with mycoplasma strains. He was allegedly murdered by the Mossad in 1994. But the murder was made to look like an accident. Aubaidi was killed in his native Iraq while changing a flat tire. He was hit by a truck.

13. Vladimir Kroshunov

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Talk of mysterious deaths of famous scientists and you can’t beat this one. Kroshunov was found dead on 9 February 2002 on a Moscow street, head bashed in. The microbiologist was the head of a department in Russian State Medical University and was found dead near the entrance of his home. Pravda, a Russian newspaper, reported that the scientist had probably discovered a life-saving vaccine.

14. Ian Langford

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A leading environmental scientist, Ian Langford’s half naked body was discovered on 11 February 2002. He was bizarrely positioned beneath a chair in his home and had wounds all over his body. Police claimed the wounds were self-inflicted. Unofficial sources allege that there was blood splattered all over the home when the body was discovered. Langford was one of the world’s most famous scientists on environmental risks.

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15. William T McGuire

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One of the best known world famous scientists, McGuire’s body was found floating in Chesapeake Bay on 5 May 2004, in three suitcases. He was a senior computer programming analyst and a leading microbiologist, involved in monitoring and developing multiple-level bio-containment facilities. His wife Melanie was convicted of murder three years later. She was dubbed “suitcase killer” by the Press.

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