15 Famous Scientists Who Died Mysteriously

6. Homi Jehangir Bhaba

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Nuclear physicist Homi Jehangir Bhaba died mysteriously in a plane crash shortly after announcing that India was capable to produce nuclear devices on its own. His Air India flight crashed near Mont Blanc on 24 January 1966. But it wasn’t until 2012 that the bag of an Indian diplomat was found at the crash site. Nothing sensitive, however, was found inside the bag. But no proper investigation was carried out into Bhaba’s death. CIA official Robert Crowley alleged much later that the agency, threatened by India’s probable nuclear progress, engineered Bhaba’s assassination at the behest of Washington.

7. Keith Bowden

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Among the more famous scientists working on computer-controlled aircraft systems, the 46-year old computer programmer died in a fatal car crash in March 1982, when his car lost control and skidded across a dual carriageway, plunging into an abandoned railway line. Police have all along maintained that Bowden was drunk at the time of the incident, an allegation that has been vehemently denied by the dead scientist’s family and friends. The coroner declared death by accident.

8. Vimal Dajibhai

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The 24-year old computer engineer fell to death from the 240 feet high Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, on 4 August 1986. At that time, he was testing the control system of Stingray and Tigerfish torpedoes at Marconi Underwater Systems, Croxley Green, Hertfordshire. Police found a needle-puncture on Dajibhai’s left buttock. But it was later dismissed as being caused from the fall. While the fall itself still remains a mystery, Dajibhai’s friends and colleagues have rejected claims of a suicide. The case is still open.

9. Leland Rickman

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The 47-year old microbiologist was one of the most famous scientists who was helping the US fight bioterrorism after the 9/11 incident. He was an infectious diseases expert. At the time of his death, Rickman was in Lesotho along with his colleague Chris Mathews from UCSD. Rickman complained of headache and went to rest for some time. When he didn’t turn up for dinner, Mathews checked to find him dead. The cause of his death is still unknown.

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10. Eugene F Mallove

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A leading scientist working on the controversial field of free energy, Mallove’s body was found in his childhood home on 14 May 2004. Conspiracy theorists concluded that it was a murder over arguments on unpaid rent and subsequent eviction. Mallove had let out the home to the Schaffer family. Their son Chad, his girlfriend Candace Foster and another friend Mozelle Brown were charged of murder. Chad and Mozelle beat Mallove to death and made the incident look like a robbery. But the motive behind the murder is yet unknown.

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