13 Unusual Catholic Mysteries That Are Not Solved Till Today

11. The abandonment and death of baby Jacob Gerard

Catholic Mysteries

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This incident is perhaps the most shocking as it involved the death of an infant boy right outside a church. On February 27, 1994, people had gathered at the Lutheran Church in Vermon, New Jersey to participate in the Sunday service by the Holy Counselor. When the service was going on, the crowd suddenly saw the dead body of a baby boy who was lying naked on the snow. Since the baby had died in the cold of hypothermia, he couldn’t be examined for an autopsy. But when the autopsy was carried out after a few days, it was found that the baby was born healthy and that he was abandoned for some unknown reason. A memorial service was carried out by the church for the dead baby. Since he was found dead on the day when the sermon given was about the story of Jacob, the church named him Jacob Gerard after the Roman Catholic patron saint for new-born babies-St. Gerard. Investigations were carried out and DNA testing was done but till today, the identity of the abandoned baby remains a mystery.

12. The UFO sightings in Papua New Guinea

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If there is one UFO sighting incident that looks credible, it has to be the sightings in Papua New Guinea. It happened in 1959 when an Anglican priest called Father William Gill saw an unusual light coming out from a mountain located far away to the village of Boianai. He was a missionary worker serving the villagers at that time. The sighting of this strange light didn’t stop that day. It happened again on June 26 when the father along with many other residents of the village witnessed light coming out from a disc shaped object or a UFO. The witnesses also saw aliens coming out of the UFO. Similar sightings were reported by dozens of others who corroborated the happening.

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13. The mysterious Bone Crypt in Holy Trinity Church

Church Mysteries

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How can a sacred place such as a church be home to a room that’s filled with skeletons of humans? Well, there is one such church named Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell, England that has a bone crypt, home to almost 1500 human skeletons. As eerie as it may sound, the truth is out in the open. It was in 1700 that the crypt came into light by a chance accident in which a worker working inside the church fell and discovered the bones. The church attracts hundreds of visitors each year who come specially to see the resident skeletons here. Numerous investigations have been carried out but till date it’s not confirmed how these bones reached the chapel and belonged to which sect or class of people.

To all of us, a church is a pious sanctuary where we take refuge in times of need and tension. We go there to relieve ourselves from our sins. But, after you have read this post today, you will realize exactly why churches have remained a hot venue to film eerie and horror movies. Some of these sanctuaries are abodes for unholy entities and supernatural beings, say some rumors. The above mentioned Catholic mysteries have happened but till date, none could be proved or established.

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