15 Weird Facts about Sex in Ancient World

11. Out on stage

sex in ancient world

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Male characters in Greek plays, wore huge penises that could be whipped out when required. Aristophanes, the master of comedy, used the phalluses for erection humor, masturbation jokes, barbs on impotence and also crass slapstick. Sex in ancient world was not merely restricted behind the four walls.

12. Practicing sex

sex in ancient world

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For centuries, the Muria tribe in Bastar, Chhattisgarh, has had a liberated sexual culture. Adolescents are sent to Ghotuls mixed sex dormitories where they can practice pre-marital sex with single or multiple partners. They are not allowed to become emotionally attached. Girls are given an herbal potion as contraceptive. A child born out of coitus is adopted by the entire village.

13. Curious kissing

ancient sex facts

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Male-female open kissing was chided among Roman and Greek nobles, though husbands regularly kissed their wives after returning home. The women kissed to detect wine in men’s breath. Notwithstanding the customs of sex in ancient world, the simple pleasure of kissing lost its popularity when it was found that many Roman men brushed their teeth with urine, a habit they allegedly acquired from ancient Spaniards.

14. The sexually twisted emperor

ancient sex practices

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Neither Nero nor Caligula can claim to be the most pervert. Emperor Tiberius (AD4-37) has that dubious honor. He allegedly built a porn central in Capri where youngsters performed elaborate sexual acts, with the emperor taking turns to be participant and voyeur. Even underage children performed fellatio on him in his bathing pools, says his biographer Suetonius.

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15. Older women, younger boys

sex in ancient world

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In Mangaia, an island in South Pacific Ocean, boys upon attaining puberty are sent to have sex with much older women. The custom has been carried down through centuries. The boys are taught ways how best to please their partners and learn the intricacies of sex in ancient world. No wonder many remote tribes are more sexually liberated than urban societies.

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