15 Weird Facts about Sex in Ancient World

6. The Mayan sons

sex in the ancient world

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According to some accounts on sex in ancient world, Mayan nobles considered it as a duty to cater to the sexual needs of their sons, much like the emotional and financial support during their growing up years. When their sons attained adolescence, parents looked for a handsome youth from a close family to partner them, before marriage. Introduction of homosexuality, in Mayan mythology, is attributed to god Chin who sodomized a demon to demonstrate how gay sex is carried out. Sexual union between boys was treated like an actual marriage.

7. The charm of the penis

sex in ancient world

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It was omnipresent everywhere and you couldn’t walk the streets of ancient Rome and Athens without noticing it. There were statues called Herms in Athens. The head of god Hermes was put on a square pillar that also featured erect phalluses. The penile protectors were considered immensely important. When someone smashed the phalluses in 415BC after a drunken rampage, it created a crisis in Athens.

8. Sex life of Spartan women

sex in ancient world

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While women in Athens were largely kept quarantined, Spartan women enjoyed sexual freedom. Spartan sex in ancient world involved shaving the head of a woman on her marriage night followed by dressing up in men’s cloak and sandals. The woman would then wait in dark for her husband to find her and have his way. Researchers of ancient sex facts say that the cross-dressing was to cater the groom who was more used to spending time with his male partners.

9. Shocking contraceptives

sex in ancient world

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Sex in ancient world derided unwanted pregnancy. Ancient Egyptians back in 1800BC, used chopped crocodile dung mixed with honey and salt, and sprinkled it over the womb as a contraceptive, with a belief that it would kill the sperms. The ancient Romans used silphium for all healing purposes, including contraception.

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10. Proud brothels

ancient sex facts

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Instead of being hidden in some dark alley, brothels in ancient Rome were often found on the main thoroughfare, with graffiti of what to expect inside. According to the account of Greek historian Herodotus, women in Babylon visited the temple of Ishtar to serve as holy prostitutes. They had to offer their services regardless of which man gave them the first dime.

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