15 Interesting Facts About Japan You Don’t Know

11. The Japanese have more pets than children

Japan Facts And Information

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It is common news that Japan is startled over its plummeting birthrate, but the fact that there are more registered pets in Japan than children takes this fact to a totally different level. As per Japan facts and information, the number of children in Japan (under the age of 15) is 16.5 million, whereas the number of pets is 21.3 million! The country has become a pet superpower.

12. Japan’s centenarian population is more than 50,000

Japan Facts And Information

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Believe it or not, but as you read this there are around 50,000 people in Japan who are more than a 100-years-old! As per Japan facts and information around 21% of the population consists of senior citizens, which is one of the highest in the world. A survey revealed a very interesting fact that around 87 percent of the centenarian population are women.

13. Japan is a place where you can find square watermelons!

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One of the most interesting facts about Japan is that they develop square watermelons as opposed to the regular, circular or ovular ones so that they can be stacked easily and fruit vendors along with farmers do not face trouble in storing them.

14. Japanese nightclubs are not for dancing

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Yes, it is right, most Japanese nightclubs do not have a “dancing license”. A law passed in 1948, explained that nightclubs with lesser space than 710 square feet could not allow dancing. Dancing after midnight is prohibited and in some areas illegal as well. All this was done to curb prostitution in the society and the Japanese believe that dancing in public affects public morals. However, this ban has been lifted due to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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15. Bargaining is not for the Japanese

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A very interesting piece of information about japan is that there is no scope to bargain. Everything has a fixed rate and price, even in the street market. People do not waste their time haggling or asking for a discount unless it is already mentioned. Plus, the Japan culture is strictly against any form of fraud, scamming, dishonesty or trickery. So people do not double check the things they have purchased or the change they have received because of the high intolerance against dishonest policies. All shopkeepers and vendors are very honest and do not indulge in trickery.

Aforementioned information and facts about Japan culture are rather interesting. The country opened its gate to the western world around 150 years ago, and since then a lot of things have changed in this oriental country, which has developed while holding onto its roots. Japan is indeed a great place to reside or travel to.