15 Interesting Facts About Japan You Don’t Know

6. Early Geishas were men

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Geishas are trained in many types of professional arts such as singing and dancing, and they are basically entertainers. Their job is to particularly keep the guests at ease whilst making them feel comfortable. Today the Geisha culture can be observed in places like Kanazawa, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Young girls are trained in the art of hospitality, traditional Japanese art, etc. In the early days, it was the men who were the Geishas, they provided entertainment to the court while providing advice to the Feudal Lords. The culture of female Geishas began in the 18th century and the women outnumbered the men in just 25 years because of their popularity.

7. Japanese people accumulate trash in their bag

Japan Culture

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Those who have visited Japan, swear that there is a serious dearth of trash cans in the country which is why people are expected not to throw the trash on the streets but to carry them home in their bags and then dispose it off. Japanese people do everything they can to minimize trash and recycle as much as they possibly can.

8. Japan experiences around 1500 earthquakes yearly

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Japan has an extremely notorious history with earthquakes because of its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Those who are scared of earthquakes must not visit the place because of the country experiences around 1500 tremors on a yearly basis. From the Hoei Earthquake in 1707 to the recent earthquake in Tohoku in 2011, some extremely tragic incidents have occurred in the country due to massive earthquakes and Tsunamis. Children are trained on how to react during an earthquake from an early age.

9. The country is made up of a whopping 6852 islands

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Japan, as small as it looks on the globe encloses 6,852 islands within its boundaries. Four main islands in Japan are Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido and Honshu. Also known as “Nippon” or “Nihon” in the local language, Japan is an island country and 97% of Japan’s land area consists of islands.

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10.   The most punctual trains are found in Japan

Japan Facts And Information

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Over the years, Japan, has developed and can be compared with some of the best first world countries in terms of services and lifestyle. The average delay time for the trains which run in Japan is just 18 seconds! Japan, indeed runs some of the most punctual trains in the whole world.