15 Fascinating Facts About The History Of The Feminist Movement

9. The sex discrimination act was pushed in 1964

Equal Rights For Women

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Martha Wright Griffiths was an American lawyer; she was the first person to push for the sex discrimination act in the year 1964; she wanted it to be a part of the Civil Rights Act. This is the law which protects women from being discriminated in their college, office or home.

10. Early feminists dispelled the concept that the society was formed on the rule of the father

Womens Suffrage Movement

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The modern feminist dispelled the belief that society was formed on the rule of the father; this meant that only a man could be the head of the house, in the same way the monarchs were the head of state. It was during this time that women barely had any representation in law and had very few formal rights. All these things were stirred up and changed when Queen Elizabeth I came to power and succeeded the English throne.

11. Women who voted illegally were tried and convicted

Womens Suffrage Movement

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In the year 1868, Susan B. Anthony along with 16 other women demanded to be registered as voters, in Rochester, New York. As a result of this incident all women were arrested, but only Susan B. Anthony was convicted of violating the 14th amendment, which allowed only male members with the right to vote. The judge asked her to pay a fine of $100 which she refused to pay challenging the court to send her to jail. Later, she gained immense respect by her peers in setting up the courageous example.

12. The women’s feminist movement lead to a fashion craze

Womens Suffrage Movement

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The feminist movement gave women the freedom to wear whatever they wanted. Back in 1851, Elizabeth Smith Miller, who belonged to Geneva started a new trend, which included a knee length skirt with a pair of pantaloons. Her style received rave reviews, and women started copying it. Women shed their bulky hooped skirt and embraced this newly founded style, which went on to be known as “bloomers”.

13. The Suffragettes were accused of being “unnatural” and “unladylike”

Womens Suffrage Movement

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Women who participated in the feminist movement were subjected as most unladylike. They were supposedly the ones who could not accomplish a woman’s real goal of life, which is to get married and raise children. People questioned the whole idea of women’s activism, and believed it was unnatural because such activities were best suited to men; women who participate were often regarded as “bitter spinsters”.

14. Women were being disproportionately sentenced

Womens Suffrage Movement

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In a society where the role of women was exclusive to raising a family, it became difficult to cope when the women became rebellious. Women who participated in a hunger strike were force fed, which not only was demeaning, but was also dangerous to their health. Any act of resistance was led to disproportionate long sentences for them. So minor offenses such as protesting and resisting ensured that the accused feminist landed up in jail for a long term.

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15. Feminism has nothing to do with belittling men

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Contrary to popular belief and going by the Feminist Movement history, feminists have never tried to belittle men, rather, they have never supported any kind of sexism or gender bias. Feminists have only battled towards Equal Rights For Women not for female superiority.

Even to this date, women are fighting for equality to attain the same status as men. The feminist movement saw some groundbreaking work to bring a change in society, and to help women get their much-awaited dues. Over the years, women have tried really hard to prove themselves that they are no less than men, but there is still a very long way to go, before attaining women’s equality globally.

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