Top 15 Cases of Mass Hysteria Throughout History

11. The Muhnochwa

Mass Hysteria Examples

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Muhnochwa or “the face scratcher” was an alien flying object which scratched and burned people’s faces and limbs while they slept. 7 unexplained deaths were attributed to this U.F.O which emitted red and blue lights. Around 3 people died due to panic because of this alien object and a mob stormed the entire village to demand protection. Police were of the opinion that most of the injuries were self-inflicted by the villagers to create panic, or a drone was sent in by anti-national elements to create a huge ruckus in the village.

12. Morangos com Açúcar

Cases Of Mass Hysteria

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Morangos com Açúcar which means strawberries with sugar was a popular teen drama which aired in Portugal. Somewhere around the show, the main characters showed signs of a fictitious disease which was observed by real teenagers all across the country. This lead to panic resulting in schools to shut down. Later the government declared that it was no epidemic, but a classic case of mass hysteria.

13. The mad gasser

Mass Hysteria Examples

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A woman in Mattoon, Illinois reported a case where a mad man used some kind of anesthetic gas to numb her limbs and choke her throat in order to break into her house for a burglary. This news spread like wildfire and everyone panicked because of a biochemical attacker in the city. No evidence of such an attacker was found during the investigation.

14. Mumbai sweet water incident

Causes Of Mass Hysteria

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The Mahim Creek in Mumbai has been a dumping area for the industrialist, leading to the emergence of a really foul smell emitted by the water. However, back in 2006 the residents of the area started claiming that the water became sweet and lost its foul smell. Many people thronged the place to witness this miracle. People gathered the water in bottles and drank it, because they believed it was a blessing from Makhdoom Ali Mahimi. However, all this mass hysteria lasted for only a day and the water changed to its foul smelling self.

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15. The Toxic Lady

Causes Of Mass Hysteria

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Here is one of the strangest examples of mass hysteria. Gloria Ramirez was suffering from cervical cancer and was admitted to a hospital for the same. The nurse who drew her blood noticed a foul smell in it and observed that manila-like particles were floating on it. All the doctors and nurses surrounded her reported illness which was believed to be a toxic contamination. It was later revealed that Ramirez died only because of kidney failure.

The above examples of mass hysteria go on to show how a small incident can be blown out of proportion because of the psychology, paranoia, and fear which revolves around it. Most of these incidents can be scientifically explained, however, a lot of them also go unexplained.