15 Dating Tips from History That Could Enhance Your Love Life

6. Spending quality time together

Dating Tips

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It’s one of the key dating tips for women and men that go back centuries. Teutonic women accompanied their men to war, took care of the wounded, and never hesitated to pick up arms when required. Plutarch wrote of sword and axe wielding determined Teutonic women who fought Invading Romans tooth and nail. Even in midst of battle, the Teutonic men and women could spend time together, which is more important in today’s time in the dog-eat-dog world.

7. Love in a bottle?

Dating Tips

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People who couldn’t get their special someone often took a love potion to help them fall in love, increase libido, and even cure impotence. Some aphrodisiacal elements are said to have genuinely positive effects. German Dominican friar Albertus Magnus wrote about a periwinkle mixed concoction of earthworms and leeks, sprinkled over food that could strengthen a man and woman’s love for each other. Marigold, in the Middle Ages, was a popular love potion.

8. Pen your feelings

Dating Tips

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Some people have problems in saying things and prefer to write down their feelings. The Vikings, though a warrior tribe, was a romantic civilization and have sagas and poems filled with stories of love. Njal’s Saga is one of them which follow a lover couple to death. Njal’s wife was offered amnesty but she chose to die by his side. For centuries people have penned love sagas for their beloved and these have stood the test of time.

9. Exchanging gifts

Dating Tips for Men

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All throughout history, showering gifts has been considered among the more important dating tips. Some ancient cultures had a tradition of “bridewealth” where the groom paid money, wealth or land to his prospective wife. Men gifted woven girdles and belts to women in Renaissance Italy. Pendants, combs and broaches were also common. So you know from where to draw inspiration if you want to impress your lover.

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10. Offering a seat

Dating Tips

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The Dai ethnic community in China practices a ritual called “visiting girls”. Eligible women spin wheels around a bonfire while the village menfolk play musical instruments and approach the women they prefer to have as maids. If the woman liked her suitor, she would offer a seat adjacent to her. The two would then cover themselves in a cloth and have a private conversation. Whenever a woman offers a seat beside her, take it as an opportunity to strike a conversation.

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