13 Biggest Tsunamis In The World That Were Most Horrifying

7. The Tsunami in Alaska, 1964

Biggest Tsunamis In The World

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Also known as the Good Friday earthquake, this Tsunami lasted for 4.38 minutes and measured a magnitude of 9.2 on the Richter Scale. It is one of the biggest tsunamis in the world to be recorded in history. This created waves which were as high as 67 meters. It led to large property damage and claimed 139 lives.

8. The Tsunami in the Ryukyu Islands, 1771

Biggest Tsunamis In The World

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It is believed that this Tsunami submerged an entire islet, though this fact is yet to be verified. The Ryukyu Islands in Japan experienced their worst nightmare in the form of this Tsunami which claimed the lives of 12,000 people (one-third of the population of the island). The waves produced were as high as 40 to 80 meters. Considered as one of the biggest Tsunami in Japan in the olden times, it wrecked havoc all across the island.

9. The Tsunami at Ise Bay, 1586

Biggest Tsunamis In The World

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The Ise Bay Tsunami which hit in 1586 has been calculated to be around 8.2 on the Richter scale. The waves are estimated to have reached a height of 6 meters and destroyed a number of cities and settlements back then. The old city of Nagahama was destroyed because of an outbreak of fire, owing to the earthquake. Later, the waves of the Tsunami enveloped the entire city as the water of Lake Biwa rose, leaving no trace of the place, except for the castle situated there. Huge damage was inflicted by this earthquake and Tsunami which may have claimed as many as 8,000 lives back then.

10. The Tsunami at Sanriku, Japan, 1896

Biggest Tsunami In Japan

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One of the biggest Tsunami in Japan took place off the coast of Sanriku in 1958. An earthquake of an estimated magnitude of 7.8 triggered a devastating Tsunami which claimed as many as 22,000 lives and destroyed more than 11,000 homes. The waves of the Tsunami were believed to reach a height of 38.2m thus causing extensive damage to flora and fauna and local crops.

11. The Tsunami at Krakatau, Indonesia, 1883

Biggest Tsunamis In The World

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The sounds produced by Krakatoa Volcanic eruptions are believed to be the loudest in modern history. Three of the volcanic peaks erupted on the 26th and 27th  of August 1883, leading to subsequent Tsunamis which spread to over many islands. Multiple waves were propagated which were as high as 37m. Around 40,000 deaths have been attributed to this Tsunami.

12. The Tsunami at the South China Sea, 1782

Biggest Tsunamis In The World

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This Tsunami which originated in the South China Sea traveled far and wide up till 120 km thus killing more that 40,000 people. A tectonic shift on the ocean floor was the precursor of this horrific incident. The damage caused by it is still unknown and uncalculated.

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13. The Tsunami at Tokaido-Nankaido, Japan, 1707

Biggest Tsunami In Japan

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The Tsunami waves hit as high as 25m after an earthquake of magnitude 8.4 hit Japan. It was the largest earthquake in the history of Japan up until the 2011 earthquake. Places like Shikoku, Honshu, and Kyushu were severely damaged. The destructive Tsunami which subsequently followed claimed 30,000 lives.

Both earthquakes and tsunamis are unavoidable natural calamities which lead to hundred of thousands of deaths. The casualty and damage caused by them are beyond repair and it takes several years to stabilize the lives of those who survive. It is believed that 80 percent of these Tsunamis have taken place in the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. The aforementioned list of biggest tsunamis in the world is just a small number of the many earthquakes and subsequent Tsunamis to have hit the planet.