15 Indian Superstitions And The Possible Logic Behind Them

11. Indian ancestors always cleaned their floors in the daytime – In the night time sweeping could result in loss of some important thing

Hindu Superstitions

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Another of the many Indian superstitions mentioned in this list is the one that is probably followed by rural as well as urban Indians. This is the practice of sweeping the floors of your house during the day time. Most Indian people will always start their sweeping rituals in the morning and finish it off before the clock strikes 12. After 12, they believe sweeping will result in Goddess Laxmi going out of the house and taking with her all her blessings. The same thing applies to sweeping in the evening. However, our ancestors were smart people who knew that in the absence of light, sweeping could result in the loss of valuable things. Thus, they practiced it. But, there is no reason why one must follow this ritual in modern times.

12. Ancient Indians believed in preserving a portion of a baby’s umbilical cord – Stem cells can be harvested from the cord

Hindu Superstitions

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Most Indian superstitions like the one we are writing about now are scientifically rich. Its a ritual some of us will have seen in their families with the arrival of a newborn baby. According to this ritual, when a baby is born, a part of its umbilical cord is cut and stored in a capsule made of copper. Originally, this ritual was conducted in order to imbibe goodness in the child and to keep him grounded. Its mentioned in Mānavadharmaāstra, an old text. But, the real reason of following this practice was preserving the blood to harvest stem cells. The concept of umbilical blood banking, we now know, is not a modern phenomenon or invention. In-fact, it was founded thousands of years ago by our ancestors.

13. Tulsi must always be swallowed, not chewed – Tulsi leaves when swallowed will help in preventing tooth discoloration and enamel loss

Hindu Superstitions

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Goddess Laxmi lives in the sacred tulsi leaves, believe Indian folks. Therefore, one must never chew the tulsi leaves but only swallow these. Tulsi is a widely known plant and is medicinal. It offers resistance to fight cold and cough and is also considered a disinfectant. But, the leaves of tulsi also contain a chemical called arsenic that causes teeth discoloration. Arsenic also leads to deterioration to the enamel cover of your teeth and damages it. Therefore, most people swallow its leaves for good health.

14. One must not cut nails after sunset – In the darkness of the night, one may get injured

Indian Superstitions List

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Another common superstition seen rampantly followed in Indian homes is cutting of nails only in the day. Most of us follow this tradition of cutting the nails in the day time and refrain from doing it in the night. Many believe that cutting nails in the evening or night may bring bad luck and evil spirits. But, this is an irrational assumption. The real logic behind following it is that in the night, cutting nails with clippers or nail cutters may result in getting hurt. Nail clippers have sharp blades and may cause injuries in there absence of light. Hence, this custom is followed widely.

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15. A snake’s head must be crushed after its killed – It may still strike after its head has been severed off

Indian Superstitions List

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According to Indian folklore, a snake when killed must not be left behind without crushing its head. A snake’s eyes reflect its killers and its kind may view them and later avenge the killing. This is utterly a baseless superstition mostly propagated by Indian movies that show stories about ‘Ichhadhari naagins’ and the revenge that they seek after they are killed by perpetrators. However, the real reason is completely the opposite and an eye opener. A snake’s head, after its severed can still move to bite and attack. Therefore, to avoid any such incident, its better to crush its head once its killed. People also crush its head so as not to prolong its agony.

The list of Indian superstitions is rather very long and interesting. Please read these to get a real idea as to why these are followed. Never follow blindly.

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