13 Lessons We Can Learn From Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Teachings

11. Helping Others

Guru Nanak Teachings

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji believed that a life lived serving other living beings with a selfless attitude leads to a death where one experiences bliss. He lived his life making other lives better while being assured that it was his purpose to be in this world. In our lives where we chase comfort to the level of losing our own selves, we should start off our spiritual journey by making or doing something for the humanity and mankind with no regard to our personal benefit in the name of the Divine Lord.

12. Find Our Life’s Purpose And Accomplish It

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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He believed that every person is born with a purpose in their life that the Lord makes and it can’t be changed. All the pain and sorrow that we face is because we fail to realize what are were born to do and spend time in chasing accomplishments and having those five evils within. He always believed if one is on the right path, God shall be his or her guide irrespective of what the scenario may be. He told and showed everybody that one should begin their spiritual journey and find their purpose in life to make the world a better place. He believed that one should not ask God for things, but should leave it to the Lord to fulfill his wishes when the time comes. Many a times we begin things and then we have a hard time finishing them. Following our purpose makes life so much simple and rewarding.

13. Take Bold Actions And Never Succumb To Oppression

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Guru Nanak was always a straight forward and bold man. He believed that bold actions separate a weak and strong person. One of the lines in his teachings says, “Lord guides the sparrow that fights the eagle”. He never believed in succumbing to external oppression and also to personal evils. If one takes bold actions and moves with courage, the Lord guides him and no harm can be done to the one who follows their path and purpose in life. This belief of Guru Nanak Dev Ji holds true in our current scenario where we see lot of passive aggressive people with lack of assertiveness in their words, actions and beliefs.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji has been revered by people of all religions. In fact, it is said that when he was on his deathbed both Hindus and Muslims fought for whether his body should be cremated according to Hindu tradition or Muslim tradition. Hundreds of years after he left us, we still feel his teachings to be a wonderful gift to the whole of humanity. If we follow his footsteps we are sure to get the most of both the worlds.

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