15 Most Haunted Places In The World And Their Stories

11. The Tower of London, England

Most Haunted Places

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The Tower of London is a fortress cum palace of the English Monarchs that was built in 1078 and offers numerous paranormal sightings. The site attracts ghost hunters and visitors that come looking for witnessing apparitions of famous personalities like Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey. The ghost of Anne Boleyn appears without its head as we all know that Anne was decapitated. There are other phantom sightings of two princes that often lurk in the shady nooks and corners of the fortress. These princes were murdered by Richard III, their uncle in the year 1483.

12. The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana, United States

Haunted Places In The US

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Counted as one of the most haunted places in the US, the Myrtles Plantation at St. Francisville is surely a place that fainthearted people must not visit. We all know how sordid were the histories associated with plantations that thrived way back in America with brutal slave practices, but this Laotian beats any other. Its here that a number of slaves and their children were killed or died from various diseases. There is one particular episode of a slave who was hung by neck as a punishment for poisoning his master’s family. Visitors often get to chance upon sudden apparitions that appear out of nowhere and are also seen walking or floating across the house.

13. The Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California, United States

Haunted Places In The US

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Apparitions need not always have to be seen in dark alleys, castles or underground dwellings, these can also happen in famous hotels where no one expects them to occur. This is evident from the fact that the famous ocean liner turned hotel -The Queen Mary is infested with Paranormal entities. The ship was once a cruise liner that navigated the Atlantic, and then was transformed into a luxury hotel in California. Its the very place that has seen the deaths of several people, including the drowning of two women passengers in the pool of the ship. One can see their apparitions near the pool, or by the lounge areas. Most of these ghostly figures are seen wearing elaborate costumes that hint at them belonging to rich class.

14. Beechwood Lunatic Asylum, Victoria, Australia

Most Haunted Places

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A mental institution, the Beechwood Lunatic Asylum was at one time a thriving care facility where mentally unstable people were admitted for treatment. This asylum also gave shelter to the criminally insane and street dwellers that had no family. Numerous deaths have occurred here and that is why the hospital has become one of Australia’s most active spots for witnessing paranormal activities. One can get really spooked by sudden ghostly appearances of men, women and children, walking down the cellar or terrace. Other occurrences include sudden bursts of screams filling up the hallways and heavy slamming of doors and windows.

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15. Paris Catacombs, Paris, France

Haunted places in the world

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The Paris catacombs definitely have to feature in today’s list of most haunted places in the world. This is because the catacombs house the bones and remains of human beings totaling to thousands, perhaps even more. The catacombs came to be used for housing human skeletons in the 18th century when the cemeteries ran out of space to bury the dead. These underground tunnels look eerie with skulls and bones arranged artistically everywhere. Some apparitions have affected people so much so that they have never gone beneath the streets to these catacombs ever again. Some people have experienced getting pushed or touched out of nowhere. Disappearances of people have also been reported, though, these are a matter of debate.

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