15 Famous Castles in The World You Must see

11. Windsor Castle, England

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England is no doubt the queen of exquisite castles and palaces, and boasts of hundreds such stunning pieces of architecture, one among them being the Windsor Castle, one of the most visited and famous castles of Europe. It remains as the reigning queen among all castles in the world as its the planet’s largest castle that is occupied till date. The Windsor Castle encompasses an area of 13 acres and was built in the 11th century by William the conqueror. The castle is located amidst lavish greens of gardens and peaceful forested terrain, and is the royal residence. The 1000 year old castle is the weekend retreat of Queen Elizabeth.

12. Conwy Castle, United Kingdom

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Another coveted feather in UK’s crown is the beautiful and amazing Conwy Castle, a fortress dating back to the medieval times. It was built in the 13th century by Edward I on the northern coast of Wales after he conquered Wales. The castle boasts of 8 towers and involved a heavy expenditure, making it one of the most expensive projects completed by the British Royalty. The architect who designed and completed the castle was Master James of St George who took immense pain to finish this exemplary work of architecture. One step inside and most visitors would fall in love with the castle’s grandeur in the form of imposing towers, a bow shaped hall and curtain walls.

13. Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

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Not many know that its not Europe alone that can boast of being the castle capital of the world. Africa too has its fair share of beautiful castles, the most famous of them being the Castle of Good Hope in South Africa. This 17th century Bastion fort was built by the Dutch East India Company and is the oldest in South Africa. Though, the castle has suffered massively over the years, yet, one can gather a lot of information from the museum housed inside the complex.

14. Stirling Castle, Scotland

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Scotland is home to some of the world’s most famous castles, and you cannot afford to miss visiting its most popular castle called Stirling Castle that’s perched atop a rugged hill and offers breathtaking vistas of the nearby surroundings. The castle is located such magnificently that it seems engulfed by cliffs from all sides. The castle wasn’t built just as a protective fortress but also for residing by the Stewart Kings.

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15. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

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The city of Edinburgh seems to come alive not only with the glimmering lights of restaurants, pubs and homes of its residents, but also because of its most imposing and attractive building called the Edinburgh Castle. This castle lends a unique charm to the city’s skyline and is visited by millions of tourists annually that make a dash for it to enjoy its complex historical past and its many buildings like St Margaret’s Chapel, the Scottish National War Memorial, the Great Hall and the Half Moon Battery. A World Heritage Site, the castle houses a rich collection of historical treasures like the Stone of Destiny, Crown Jewels of Scotland and the One O’Clock Gun.

Very few buildings have the power to capture your attention. One of them surely makes your jaws drop. Castles have a distinct beauty about them which makes people of all ages and brackets flock to view them at least once in their lifetimes. A castle can make a powerful statement like no other, and one cannot find fault when he visits a few of these majestic castles enlisted above. All these famous castles bear testimony to the grandness of their respective empires and are marvels of architecture that must be seen in person.

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