13 Worst Dictators in World History

11. Robert Mugabe

Image Credit: CNN

He is currently the President of Zimbabwe having come to power on 22 December 1987 via fear mongering and election rigging. In a later election, Mugabe, having failed to win a single vote in a certain province, orchestrated the killing of more than 20,000 civilians, on allegation of treason and rebellion. During Mugabe’s 36-year long rule, over 3.1 million Zimbabweans have been rendered homeless, and lost their livelihood, because of his land reforms program, which is actually razing to ground the villages that voice dissent.

12. Augusto Pinochet

Image Credit: thestar

This military dictator assumed power in Chile after a 1973 coup d’état with a tacit support from the US and held power for nearly two decades during which he brutally suppressed all opposition. Over 100,000 people were arrested in just the first three years. Pinochet was ousted from power in 1990 when Chileans voted against him in a plebiscite. He was tried on charges of human rights violation in the early 2000s but was declared as mentally unfit to stand trial by the court.

13. Francois Duvalier

worst dictators

Image Credit: History Answers

The Haitian dictator ruled one of the poorest countries in the world from 1957 to 1971. He unleashed a reign of terror, when nearly 30,000 Haitians were reportedly killed, while thousands, mostly from the intelligentsia, fled the country fearing persecution. Several international experts hold Francois responsible for the current condition of Haiti. He was succeeded by his equally merciless son Jean-Claude Duvalier, after his death in 1971. The father-son duo is certainly among the worst dictators of all times.

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