15 Little Known Facts About Hitler

11. There were 42 Assassination Attempts on him

Adolf Hitler

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The most hated man obviously had many haters. He escaped as many as 42 assassination attempts but at the end, committed suicide. It is believed that he swallowed cyanide capsules and then shot himself.

12. He was Superstitious

Adolf Hitler

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Hitler facts would not be complete without a mention about his superstitious nature. Hitler always wore this green coat that he never removed in public. He constantly sought advice from astrologers and fortune tellers. He believed in the potency of number 7. He also believed that the emblem of Nazis, Swastika, carries mystic powers.

13. He was Announced “Man Of The Year” by Time Magazine

Adolf Hitler

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It is very interesting to note that Time Magazine announced Hitler as the “Man Of The Year” in the year 1938. Munich conference was conducted between Italian leader Benito Mussolini, French Premier Edouard Daladier, British Prime Minister Chamberlain and Hitler that was perceived at that point of time to prevent a world war. This was so because Germany was granted a part of Czechoslovakia, known at that time as Sudetenland. This portrayed Hitler as a peacekeeper!

14. Hitler was Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Adolf Hitler

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This is another one of ridiculous facts about Hitler. In 1939, E.G.C. Brant of the Swedish parliament nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize. Brant, apparently, did not mean to be taken seriously but this nomination provoked the ire of leaders across the world. Brant, not wasting any time, quickly wrote a letter and withdrew the nomination.

15. Under his Leadership, the “Blow Up Doll” was Pioneered

Facts About Hitler

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Hitler introduced the use of Blow Up Dolls during his regime in order to prevent a sexual disease prevalent at that time called Syphilis among the German soldiers. He approved a project to distribute Blow-up sex dolls among the soldiers so as to discourage them to have sexual relations with disease-ridden prostitutes.