15 Little Known Facts About Hitler

6. He was Addicted to Drugs

Hitler Facts

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Apart from being paranoid, Hitler also took drugs, cocaine in particular. After he was prescribed the drug by his physician to cure sore throat and sinus, he became too addicted to them. He used to take drugs two times in a day and later started using a cocaine eye-dropper as well. Anyone who has listened to his agitated speeches would at once make out that he was under influence of drugs. Historians believe that his over usage of drugs was the reason for his strange behavior and fits of rage.

7. Flatulence troubled him

Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler suffered from gastrointestinal problems and his personal doctor, Theodor Morell helped him deal with this condition. He prescribed him amphetamines and gun lubricants along with chamomile enemas. But as soon as his bowel problem was resolved, he fell victim to flatulence. He took 28 different drugs to get rid of this problem and frequently complained of stomach pain due to large drug doses.

8. A Jewish Girl was his First Love

Stefanie Isak

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One of the facts about Hitler’s early life is that he got smitten by a Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak while studying in Vienna. Both attended the same school. He did not have the courage to go up to her and confess his feelings. He used to write poetry for his first love in a typical teenage infatuation fashion. Later on a close pal of Hitler, Augist Kubizek, revealed that Hitler has planned to kidnap Isak and was thinking of jumping into the river Danube with her in his arms. Isak, in an interview later, was heard saying that she had no idea that Hitler harbored feelings towards her.

9. Hitler was a Fan of Disney

Hitler loved Disney cartoons

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It may sound funny, but it is one of the strangest of Hitler facts, that he was a Disney fan. The most hated man in history has great admiration for Disney cartoons. He particularly loved Snow White and the seven dwarfs. A war museum in Norway, in the year 2008, exhibited artwork depicting Disney characters. It claimed that the cartoons were drawn by Hitler himself.

10. He Blew up the House of his Nephew

Hitler and his nephew

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During a campaign against England, Hitler blew up his nephew’s house in Liverpool. It is not clear whether this was done by accident or on purpose. This angered his nephew and he went to America and joined the U.S army to fight against Hitler.