15 Amazing Facts About Thomas Edison

11. Edison made his family a top priority

Thomas Edison facts

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He was a man who learnt from his mistakes. Because he could not give much time to his first wife and the children he had from her, he spent most of his spare time with his second wife and the rest of his family in the later stages of his life.

12. His last breath is stored in a test tube

Thomas Edison facts

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Edison’s friend Henry Ford for reasons best known to himself, stored the great inventor’s last breath in a test tube which till date is on display in the Ford museum.

13. He attempted to make ghost hunting equipment’s

Thomas Edison

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During the last stages of his life, he tried to make equipment’s which could register or at least track supernatural elements. However, this study could not be completed because he died midway.

14. He invented the talking doll

Thomas Edison facts

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The man has many inventions to his name, and the earliest version of the talking doll was invented by him!

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15. He had a tattoo on his arm

Thomas Edison facts

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Thomas Alva Edison flaunted a tattoo on his arm. He had five dots tattooed on his arm; no one really knows the meaning or reason behind it. Later in life he went ahead and created the basic tattoo machine!

The aforementioned Thomas Edison facts explain that he was a great man, who believed in trying very hard. He never succumbed to his failures and kept on trying new things, which is very inspirational. Edison’s quote “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” almost summarized his philosophy in life, which is to never give up and keep on pushing the envelope further and further.

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