15 Amazing Facts About Thomas Edison

6. Edison married twice

Thomas Edison inventions

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Two years after the death of Mary, at the age of 29, Edison married again. On February 24th 1886, he married a 20 year old Mina Miller, who was the daughter of Lewis Miller who himself was an inventor. The couple too, had three children one daughter Madeleine Edison and two sons, Charles and Theodore William Edison. Mina and Thomas spoke in Morse code in public by tapping on each others hands so that nobody understood their conversation when they were in public.

7. He was 22 when he received his very first patent

Thomas Edison inventions

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During that era, there was a need for an upgrade in the telegraph system, which could allow voice transmission, rather than taps. A number of scientists were working on this system, but it was Edison who came up with the idea of recording votes on bills; the plan was a failure, but later Edison started working on the phonograph which was the first and the biggest success of his career.

8. His biggest failure

Thomas Edison inventions

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Edison lost millions of dollars, of dollars in a business venture where he tried to remove ore from rock. Not only did this experiment cost him a lot of money, but it is termed as the biggest failure of his life. Nonetheless he never stopped trying.

9. Edison’s “muckers”

Thomas Edison inventions

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One of the reasons behind Thomas Edison Inventions was the fact that he worked with young people. He liked to work with young graduates who had a passion for technology and invention. He called them “muckers” and paid them nominal wages to work 55 hours a week. The young people never really worked with him for the money, but because they loved working with the great man who also taught them a lot.

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10. He worked for more than 18 hours

Thomas Edison

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Success comes to the hardworking; during his most productive years, it is said that Edison worked for more than 18 hours a day! It was his passion for his work that kept him going. He practiced the theory of there is no substitute for success, except for hard work and sound thinking. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

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