15 Things You Must Know About Queen Cleopatra

11. Cleopatra and Mark Antony created their own drinking society called Inimitable Livers

Cleopatra History

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Both Cleopatra and Marc Antony loved to spend time together as they were fond of each other. The queen also had a political agenda behind furthering an affair with the General. She wanted her crown to be protected and Antony wanted an easy access to Egypt’s treasures. Thus, two of them formed a drinking club or society of their own in which Cleopatra and Antony would shower riches and luxuries on one another. The drinking club that they created in 41-40 BC came to be known as Inimitable Livers. The members of this society would play mischievous pranks on the citizens of Alexandria by disguising themselves as commoners. Both Antony and Cleopatra wined and dined lavishly in the parties hosted by their very own club.

12. Cleopatra indulged in fine dining

Cleopatra indulged in fine dining

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Our Temptress was quite legendary as far as her food habits were concerned. Cleopatra indulged in fine dining like fish, meat, legumes, herbs and cheese. Like most Egyptian royalties, she too was fond of eating fine things especially stuffed pigeons with an array of sorted veggies. She threw lavish dinners where the guests would be served fresh fish caught from Nile and desserts would comprise of honey and figs. Apart from dining, she was also fond of drinking. Her entrees became the talk of the town and dignitaries would flock to her parties just to experience the concept of fine dining.

13. Cleopatra presented herself as a reincarnation of Goddess Isis

Cleopatra presented herself as a reincarnation of Goddess Isis

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Queen Cleopatra believed herself to be the reincarnated Goddess Isis and this belief was mainly because she wanted to exert her power on gathering the support of her allies. The goddess Isis had a cult following in the ancient Mediterranean world and Cleopatra knew she had to use this tactic to lure her opponents. The queen had many statues of herself built in the same way as that of Goddess Isis. This was one of her political agendas and she made full use of it by donning herself in the dame attire wherever she went.

14. Cleopatra mastered at using beauty products

Cleopatra History

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Cleopatra was a fashionista when it came to following trends in clothing as well as cosmetics. She made the cat eye look her trademark and also tried several other beauty products like lip colors made with clay, seaweed and henna. Her choice of lip color was bold and included some pretty disgusting things. Yes, she made use of the blood of crushed beetles as lip color. As yucky as it may sound, beetle blood was routinely used by other Egyptian women for coloring lips. But this was a non toxic way and didn’t cause any harm.

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15. Cleopatra knew a great deal about science and chemistry

Queen Cleopatra

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Did you know that our enigmatic queen was a firm believer in science and chemistry? She was educated in these fields and had an in-depth knowledge regarding scientific theories and principles. She also mastered the art and science of using poisons. The fabled story of her dissolving a pearl in her drink are rumored to be true and show how well acknowledged she was with science. She knew about the chemical reaction that would be caused when a pearl is dissolved with vinegar. So, we can plainly say she was quite scientific in her approach.

Hope these amazing facts will help you understand ‘Queen Cleopatra‘ who ruled the land of Nile with panache and would always remain a mystery for us.

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