15 Things You Must Know About Queen Cleopatra

6. Cleopatra owned a perfume factory

Cleopatra History

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Egyptians were in the practice of using a variety of herbs and perfumes for fragrance, and our queen of the Nile was the front runner in this regard. Cleopatra is believed to have owned a perfume factory near the Dead Sea. It worked more like a spa in ancient Egypt. The land near the Dead Sea was gifted to her by Marc Antony, her lover.

The place where her factory stood was called En Gedi and it offered customers a number of beauty treatments which included body massages with essential oils and perfumes. Its a fact that the factory existed in her time as we can visit the ruins today. The ruins have seats that hint that the factory offered health treatments. Cleopatra also wrote her own book of body oils and it was called Gynaeciarum Libri. However, we wont get to see that as it was destroyed.

7. Cleopatra was skilled in making dramatic entrances

Cleopatra History

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This powerful seductress was adept at making theatrical entrances as she was a skilled stage performer and had the knack of alluring her allies with her glam avatar. She believed in living life full size and when it came to making entrances, she was a real goddess. Two such episodes happened in 48 BC and 41 BC. In her first theatrical appearance, she wrapped herself in a carpet and presented herself in the inner chambers of Caesar when the carpet was unwrapped. As soon as Caesar saw this young queen in her gorgeous attire, he soon fell head over heels in love with her.

In another episode, she tried the same tactics to woo Marc Antony. In 41 BC, the Roman Triumvir ordered Cleopatra to meet at Tarsus which the queen gladly accepted. Cleopatra made quite a dramatic appearance when she arrived at Tarsus in a purple sail golden barge. The body of the barge was gold while the oars were crafted out of pure silver. The queen sat like Goddess Aphrodite under a gilded canopy with her attendants and servants attired as cupids. When Antony saw this whole dramatic entrance, he fell in awe and was impressed instantly.

8. The temptress Cleopatra used heavy eye makeup for medicinal reasons

Cleopatra History

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Do you know what made Cleopatra don such a heavy eye make up? Well, she styled up her eyes with bold blue and black eye makeup not merely to look like a diva, but also for medicinal reasons too. The queen’s trademark cat eye makeup is very popular even today as it was thousands of years ago. But, back then, Egyptians suffered a lot from eye infections and there was one eye cosmetic that could fight off these diseases – the kohl. Kohl was used rampantly by Cleopatra as well as most Egyptian women to ward off eye diseases.

9. When Caesar was murdered, Cleopatra was present in Rome

Cleopatra History

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Together, Julius Caesar and Queen Cleopatra bore a son whom they named Caesarion, and the queen joined the emperor in Rome in 46 BC. When she was still present, Caesar was murdered in a coup that took place in the Roman Senate in 44 BC. Before the murder took place, Caesar spent lavishly on Cleopatra and built a gilded statue dedicated to her in the temple of Venus Genetrix. This caused quite a stir and scandal in Rome. By the time Cleopatra left Rome after the murder of Caesar, the whole Rome was talking about her mysterious ways and her high sense of fashion. She made ‘Cleopatra Look’ very poplar among Roman women.

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10. Cleopatra’s death is still a mystery

Cleopatra History

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Some people are of the view that Cleopatra took her own life by getting herself bitten by a venomous cobra, while others say that she took some poison and died a painless peaceful death. Her death is still a mystery as no conclusive evidence proves these rumors.

Both Cleopatra and her lover Marc Antony committed suicide in 30 BC soon after Octavian and his army won the battle. The queen of Nile gave her arm to an Egyptian cobra or a viper to be bitten and died. However, according to Plutarch, Cleopatra was a wizardess who knew about poisons well and had one lethal poison hidden in her hair comb. She might have used the poison to kill herself. All these theories have no proof and as hence, Cleopatra’s death is still shrouded in mystery.

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