15 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Napoleon Bonaparte

11. Napoleon was the one who sold Louisiana to America

Napoleon Bonaparte

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In an urgent need for money, Napoleon sold Louisiana to North America because he believed that saving the place from them would be the wrong move. The land was sold for less than $7.40 per kilo meter square.

12. Braille was Napoleon’s idea

Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon had a code for his soldiers when they operated in the dark, but that did not work out for them. So the man insisted on bringing night writing or brail, into practice. This way the soldiers could communicate in the dark without any sound.

13. Napoleon tried to commit suicide

Napoleon Bonaparte Facts

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It is hard to believe that a man of Napoleon’s caliber would contemplate suicide. However, it is true; the man swallowed a poisonous pill at Fontainebleau after a disastrous campaign in Russia. After this campaign, napoleon was asked to leave all his comforts and exile to Elba which he could not tolerate. Though the pill made him very ill, it did not kill him.

14. It is illegal to name a pig Napoleon Bonaparte in France

Napoleon Bonaparte

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In the early days, no one was allowed to name their pig Napoleon, because it was an insult to the great leader. However, the recent French ministers do not pay heed to this so-called law.

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15. There is a debate on Napoleon’s death

Napoleon Bonaparte Facts

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There are many legends attached to the death of Napoleon. While some say he died of poisoning because of the high arsenic content found in his liver, others say that he died of stomach cancer which was a hereditary condition in his family.

Napoleon Bonaparte is undoubtedly one of the world’s most influential leaders. The man did not have a very long life, all of 51 years, but the amount he conquered and the popularity he gained during a short life is something to be very proud of. Napoleon Bonaparte childhood was like any other kid in the world, and yet he grew up to be such a powerful man and therefore is an inspiration for many.

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