15 Julius Caesar Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

11. Caesar got stabbed in his groin by Brutus

Julius Caesar Biography

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This perhaps is a not so known fact among a host of Julius Caesar facts that you have come face to face in your lifetime. When Caesar was stabbed by the conspirators of the Senate, many of them tried their hands several times in stabbing him. Brutus had directed all to give him a clean death but no one paid heed and went on with the stabbing spree. Brutus attacked Caesar not only from the back but also his crotch. Ouch!

12. Britain was first invaded by Caesar

Julius Caesar Biography

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Julius Caesar was the first man ever to invade Britain, a land that so impressed and intrigued him. He invaded it for enriching his knowledge about the lands culture, its people and customs. Britain had always been a subject of interest to Caesar who wished to know about British chariots. Therefore, when he conquered it, he made sure that these chariots were sent to Rome for use in gladiatorial races. In fact Caesar conquered Britain twice and was able to cast a kind of spell on the British troops when they saw an elephant entering the river with riders. This was an unimaginable beat to the Britishers who simply made a run for their lives after the riders on the elephant reached the bank.

13. Caesar wrote some of the greatest books regarded as gems in literature

Julius Caesar Biography

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Julius Caesar facts do help readers in knowing many surprising things about him such as this one which speaks of how great his literary works were. Caesar has mesmerized the modern world with his books that are still read and referred by eminent personalities. Some men who loved reading Caesar’s ‘commentaries’, a series of autobiographical books that he wrote, included Napoleon the Great, Gustavus Adolphus, Frederick the Great and Turenne. These men swore by these commentaries that recorded minute details relating to prominent wars like the Civil War, the Gallic War, the African War and the Alexandrian War. These books are rich sources of info for many armies all around the globe.

14. A stab wound on his chest probably killed Caesar

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Caesar was stabbed 23 times by the conspiring members of the Senate that consisted of more than 60 people. Though, all of these wounds grievously injured him, the one wound on his chest proved to be fatal and killed him, not instantly, but slowly. We do know now that Julius Caesar died a very slow painful death.

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15. Caesar won 48 battles out of 50

Julius Caesar Facts

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Bestowed with an exemplary battle record, Caesar won 48 battles out of a total of 50. He in-fact was regarded as one of the finest generals to have achieved such a feat. Before him, general Marcus Marcellus held the esteemed position to have fought 39 battles. Julius Caesar was a magnificent general cum strategist and won these battles out of sheer tact and intelligence.

Now that you know this great general a little better than you previously did, we are sure you have acquired a lot of knowledge, quite unlike the boring stuff you read before. Looking at these amazing Julius Caesar facts, we bet you have once again taken a liking to reading Caesar’s history with new zeal!

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