15 Julius Caesar Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

6. Pirates had once held Julius Caesar to ransom

Julius Caesar Summary

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Julius Caesar was once held on ransom by Sicilian pirates when he was 25 years of age. He was on his way back from his war in Cilicia when the pirates captured him in 75 BC, and demanded 20 talents of silver for his return. As a captive, Caesar showed no fear but laughed with them, cracking jokes about how much more he was worth then merely 20 talents of silver, and that he would return and crucify each one of them. Hearing this, the pirates had laughed at him, but Caesar did return back with numerous ships and troops, thereby capturing each pirate and executing the way he had promised.

7. Caesar’s wife Calpurnia had a premonition about his murder

Julius Caesar Summary

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The Julius Caesar facts that teachers made you study way back in your school days were just plain boring..what say? But, the one that we are about to reveal will startle you and make you re-read Caesar’s life and history once again! Calpurnia was Caesar’s last wife and had a premonition that her husband would meet a violent death very soon. She also warned Caesar not to go to the Senate on 15th March also known as Ides of March, but as luck would have it, Caesar didn’t pay any heed to her warning and as they say ‘the rest is history’. He went along with his most trusted friend Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus to the Senate and was murdered.

8. Caesar was elected to the post of a Pope in 63 BC

Caesar was elected to the post of a Pope in 63 BC

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Yeah its hard..perhaps the hardest to believe that Julius Caesar was the Pope at one point of time in ancient Rome! Back then, the title bestowed upon him was known as Pontifex Maximus. This is a term that’s still used in modern Rome for the Pope meaning High Priest of Rome. He was the POPE in 63 BC and going by the reports of historians, the election process was one of the most corrupt.

9. A diviner had predicted his death

Julius Caesar Summary

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On reading Julius Caesar history, you will definitely get your hands on info relating to his numerous battle wins and victories, his decorated life, and his final hours, but, here, we will reveal a very little known fact that deals with a premonition or prediction of his death. Before Caesar was stabbed by Senators on 15th March, a soothsayer or diviner had warned him of his inevitable murder. He had said “Beware of the Ides of March”, and when the day arrived, Caesar on his way to the Senate, saw the soothsayer and told him “see the day has come”. The soothsayer replied that “the Ides of March has come but not gone”. Thereafter, Caesar entered the Senate and as predicted, he was stabbed 23 times by his Senators along with Brutus and Cassius.

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10. Gaul, the land of fierce warriors was conquered for the first time by Caesar

Julius Caesar History

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Before Caesar led his troops to capture Gaul, it was an unconquered land of fierce warriors who carried the title ‘can never be captured‘. The Romans had tried to invade it, but suffered a grand defeat at the battle of Arausio. Thereafter, they had stopped their conquests of Gaul. However, it was Caesar who led his troops and captured the mighty Gauls within six years, starting from 58 BC to 52 BC. In his invasion, he had captured almost 300 Gaulish tribes and marauded 800 towns, killing 1.3 million Gauls.

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