15 Julius Caesar Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

Do you wish to know some startling Julius Caesar facts that you didn’t know previously? Well, today is your lucky day as we are about to present a cool collection of amazing and little known facts about this greatest strategist and emperors of ancient times. Julius Caesar has been a topic of study in school syllabuses and we all have come across numerous facts about him. But, there are a few facts that haven’t been disclosed till date in any history book. So, we will start with our post and make you all jump as and when we reveal some intriguing things about Caesar whom we always thought as a man who spent his lifetime fighting off Spartacus! Its not true at all! Enjoy reading.

1. Julius Caesar was a war hero

Julius Caesar History

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Do you know that Caesar was a decorated war hero who saved the life of a comrade? Yes! Caesar had his first military encounter when he was only 19 years old and went to take part in the campaign at the siege of Mytilene in 81 BC. He always had a knack for understanding war tactics and was fed up with the political situation at Rome. Before he had joined as an under officer during the invasion of Celicia, Caesar’s uncle Gaius Marius in the Social War had been defeated by Sulla and sent on exile. This made Julius flee and take part in Celicia’s invasion. In that campaign, he saved the life of a comrade and was bestowed with the second highest bravery award of Rome called Civic Crown.

2. “Et tu, Brute” may not have been Caesar’s last words

Julius Caesar History

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A very common fact appearing in most Julius Caesar history books speak of Caesar’s last words to Brutus, and those words are “Et tu, Brute?”, but for all you know these may not have been his last words at all. Yes, unlike in the hundreds of stories and versions that we have studied, Caesar may not have said these words as there isn’t a single proof of that. According to certain historians and their theories, Caesar may have uttered this phrase “You too, child?”. However, a few people also believe that he never said a thing, and died a slow painful death.

3. Caesar and his family believed they had a divine lineage

Julius Caesar Biography

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In ancient Rome, most royalties claimed their inheritance and lineage from the gods and so Caesar along with his family too believed they had originated from the Royal House of Troy and Venus, the goddess of fertility as well as the mother of Romans. His family always claimed they had semi divinity and were to be given the status of a god. Caesar always made a claim that Venus was her ancestor and had a temple built in his name called Temple of the Deified Julius Caesar posthumously. Caesar was the first Roman citizen to have been deified.

4. Julius Caesar held the highest political rank of Consul in 59 BC

Julius Caesar Biography

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If you read Julius Caesar biography, you will come to know that this great emperor and general held Rome’s highest political rank of a consul in 59 BC. This rank in ancient Rome was held by a person for one whole year. For 59 BC, it was held by Caesar after an election that was regarded as shady and sordid, say some historical experts. As the Consul of Rome, Caesar took the opportunity to eliminate Bibulus from the rank of second Consul. A very funny incident happened wherein Caesar’s senators were ordered to beat up Bibulus and then a bucket full of shit was thrown over him as humiliation.

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5. Veni, Vedi, Vici were commented by Caesar when he triumphed at the Battle of Zela

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When Caesar commented, saying ‘Veni, Vedi, Vici”, he was at the Battle of Zela and not somewhere near Britain as most readers think. It was in 47 BC that this battle was fought between Caesar and Pharnaces II who was the ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus. Pharnaces II and Caesar fought atop a small hilltop town Zile that in modern times is in Northern Turkey in the Tokat province. The five day campaign saw Caesar and his troops maraud the Pontic army in a very shrewd and swift manner. And in this exuberant state, he commented “I came, I saw, I conquered”.

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