15 Interesting Pope Francis Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

8. The Pope is a big fan of soccer

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Like a true blue Argentinian, the Pope also loves soccer. He has a strong love for the sport, and loves watching the Argentine team play. He is a big fan of the team San Lorenzo and is one of the biggest celebrity football fans in the whole world. He commemorated the team’s victory by holding up the trophy at St. Peters Square back in 2013.

9. He is a very humble man and practices austerity

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Pope Francis never exploits the position he is in, and that is because of his humility. When he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he lived in a very simple apartment and rode the bus to travel. When he was assigned the supreme position of the pope, he chose to fly to Rome in economy class. This goes on to show, that the Pope has never been attached to material possessions which makes him such a great personality.

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10. The Pope does not live in the Papal apartments

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Since Pope Pius X no other Pope has lived outside the official Papal residence in the Apostolic Palace except for Pope Francis. After being elected in 2013, Pope Francis chose a much humbler Vatican guest house to reside in. Here he visits guests, holds meetings and stays peacefully. The fact that he chose this humble abode proves that he is an extremely down to earth person.

11. The Pope was gifted a Harley Davidson

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There is a reason why Pope Francis is considered to be one of the coolest Popes ever. He once blessed hundreds of Harley owners, as a gesture of which he was gifted a brand new bike of the same brand. On having received the bike he auctioned it and used the money to help the homeless.

12. He has written a number of books

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The most popular Pope Francis book is “The Name of God is Mercy“. Apart from that he has penned down a number of books which have been sold in a number of languages. None of his books are judgmental in nature, reflecting stringent religious mentality; in fact, he talks more about humanity and divinity which allows people belonging from all walks of life to understand Godliness in a different light.

13. The Pope has his own rock album

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As bewildering as it may sound, but a very interesting part of Pope Francis biography is the fact that he has a pop album to his name. Wake Up! A music album with his words and prayers is a progressive rock album. The album comprises of a number of speeches given by the Pope between 2013 and 2015 which has been accompanied by music tracks. Hymns and prayers by Italian artists have also been added to the album.

14. His father was a basketball player

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One of the lesser known Pope Francis facts is that his father was a basketball player and played for San Lorenzo. Perhaps this is the reason why Pope Francis really enjoys basketball and is often gifted with custom made team Jerseys including one from the Boston Celtics. The Pope himself enjoyed playing this game.

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15. He washed and kissed the feet of AIDS patients

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Being the great personality that he is, when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aries, he washed and kissed the feet of 12 patients suffering from AIDS. It was the Argentine Hospice where he performed this great act of kindness. He also kissed the feet of juvenile inmates at a detention center located in Rome. This act inspired many to be helpful towards the sick and needy.

Looking at Pope Francis Biography, it won’t be wrong to say that his approach towards religion, divinity, and Godliness has been very different from that of other Popes and religious heads. It is this quality which sets him apart from the rest. The above mentioned Pope Francis facts prove that he is an exalted person in character and nobility.

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