15 Interesting Facts about Nikola Tesla You Should Know

6. A natty dresser who attracted ladies

Nikola Tesla inventions

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At 6.2 feet height, Nikola Tesla was strikingly handsome. He was tall, dark, slender, and had deep eyes. He was a meticulous dresser and fashionable. He was reclusive during work. But Tesla was a great company when he chose to be social. While he struck friendship with famous people like American author Mark Twain, Tesla also drew attention of society women, many of whom confessed of being “deeply in love” with him. Facts about Nikola Tesla don’t reveal much of his life, except that he remained a bachelor throughout.

7. Never sat in a roomful of lightening

facts about Nikola Tesla

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The photograph of Tesla sitting in his laboratory and quietly examining his notes, while huge bolts of lightning flashed around him, was probably the result of double exposure. The image was taken at the inventor’s Colorado laboratory and was used as a publicity material to secure funding for some of his new projects. The photograph captured public fascination about a scientist whose power to muster lightning, made him more of a magician than a scientist.

8. Had famous friends

Nikola Tesla biography

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According to some Nikola Tesla facts, the scientist was close to conservationist John Muir. The latter was one of the founding members of Sierra Club. He hailed Tesla’s hydroelectric power apparatus as a clean energy system. Muir was fascinated that the device ran on waterfalls. Tesla said that his invention ran on the wheelwork of nature. His other prominent friends were financiers Thomas Fortune Ryan and Henry Clay Frick and French actress Sarah Bernhardt. At the height of his career, Tesla lived in Waldorf Astoria.

9. Hated pearls

Nikola Tesla facts

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One of the most bizarre facts about Nikola Tesla was that he couldn’t stand pearls. He even didn’t speak to women who wore pearls. Once, when his secretary wore pearl jewelry, Tesla sent her home. There’s no known reason why Tesla abhorred pearls. But he had some peculiar sense of style. He believed that to become successful, one should look successful.

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10. Had a photographic memory

Nikola Tesla biography

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Nikola Tesla could memorize books and images. He was powerfully imaginative and could visualize in 3D, which he supposedly used for controlling the terrifying nightmares he had during childhood. According to some facts about Nikola Tesla, his power to visualize made him an eccentric and mystical character in popular culture. Tesla was obsessed with hygiene because he survived a near-fatal cholera attack when he was a teenager.

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