15 Interesting Aristotle Facts You Should Know

11. Aristotle’s friendship with Alexander

Interesting Aristotle Facts

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Aristotle shared a close friendship with the greatest conqueror of all times – Alexander the Great. Though, the master philosopher was a tutor who taught Alexander about philosophy and theories, yet, they both shared a relationship that was based on trust and love. Alexander, in his many conquests often collected various specimens to be gifted to Aristotle for making new investigations.

12. Aristotle’s works

Aristotle Facts

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All his recordings in the form of manuscripts and notes were looked after and preserved by Aristotle’s student named Theophrastus who went on to become the father of Botany in the future. Aristotle made new investigations and discoveries, the records of which were maintained systematically by this student of his. After Theophrastus died, the notes were then passed on to Neleus, his student.

13. Aristotle’s Son

Aristotle Facts

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Nicomachus was the son of Aristotle. In a battle, Nicomachus passed away at a tender age, and this led Aristotle to dedicate a full compilation known as Nicomachen Ethics. This work comprised of a set of ethical codes governing the daily lives of human beings that lived in a society. The son was borne out of Herpyllis, his concubine.

14. Aristotle’s new science called causality

Aristotle Facts

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A new science was discovered by Aristotle named causality that offered logical explanation about the reasons that lead to happening of various events and things. He compiled the definition of cause and types of causes in explaining this science. According to this theory, change is inevitable and happens to mankind by way of nature. Causality explained three types of causes namely – formal cause, efficient cause, and material cause.

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15. Aristotle’s relationship with Plato

Aristotle Facts

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Plato regarded Aristotle as one of his finest and most gifted students. Aristotle gained an in-depth knowledge of science, philosophies and logic at Plato’s academy and spent almost 20 years in his pursuit of gaining more knowledge. However, he left the academy after the death of his mentor.

These 15 Aristotle facts are a few among a huge collection of data relating to this extraordinary personality. We hope you liked reading these!