15 Interesting Aristotle Facts You Should Know

6. Aristotle’s students

Aristotle Facts

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An exemplary accomplisher, Aristotle tutored many a great men and emperors. Some famous men that were taught by Aristotle included Alexander the Great, Ptolemy and Cassander. All the three men went on to become great emperors in the future. Both Aristotle and Alexander shared a good camaraderie with the latter taking advice from the former for all political and philosophical pursuits.

7. Aristotle’s compilation called the Organon

Aristotle Facts

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We all know that Aristotle was a great thinker, philosopher and an investigator who always related theories with logic and rationality. One of his compilations is known as The Organon that offers logical explanations and theories for various scientific findings. This work is regarded as one of the best contributions of this genius.

8. Aristotle’s love life

Aristotle Facts

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Not many beings will have an idea about what went in Aristotle’s love life unless they are informed about a few interesting facts. So, for starters, this genius scientist was a firm believer in romance. He married a woman called Pythias and named his daughter after his wife. After her death, Aristotle once again fell in love with a former slave girl of his wife named Herpyllis.

9. Aristotle’s Lyceum

Aristotle Facts

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One among the the most interesting Aristotle facts is the fact related to Aristotle’s school called Lyceum. In the year 335 BC, Aristotle founded a school of philosophy called Lyceum where students were tutored on philosophical theories and pursuits. The school was also called Peripatetic School and offered students proper classes, lectures and a library.

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10. Aristotle’s ever thinking mind

Interesting Aristotle Facts

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A man without a great thinking mind is incomplete. But, our famous philosopher and scientist was not one of such men for he always thought out of the box. Aristotle’s mind was always working inside, thinking about correlation between objects and results. He had a logical mind and observed things very minutely. In his pursuit to discover the anatomy of animals, he started dissecting sessions way back when such a thing was not a common practice.