15 Amazing and Inspiring Nelson Mandela Facts

11. Nelson Mandela’s first marriage was marred with tragedies

 Nelson Mandela Facts

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Nelson Mandela got married to Evelyn Mase in the year 1944. Makaziwe, their second child died at only 9 months. Another child Madiba Thembekile died in a car crash and Makgatho Lewanika died from AIDS. With his second wife Winnie he had two more children, 20 grand kids, and a prosperous family.

12. He was the first democratically elected President of South Africa

 Nelson Mandela life

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Nelson Mandela’s name has been etched in history for a number of reasons. He was the first ever black president of South Africa. He was the first ever democratically elected president of South Africa. He was the oldest president of South Africa. His inauguration as president drew one of the largest crowds in the world which felt slightly short as compared to the people who visited John F. Kennedy’s funeral.

13. He has received 685 awards

 Nelson Mandela Facts

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Nelson Mandela is one of the world’s most respected people. He has received more than 685 awards. Apart from that, 25 universities, colleges and schools have been named after him. 19 scholarships have his name on them. 155 honorary degrees are dedicated to him, and many famous statues, sculptures, paintings, etc bear his name. In all probability, he won more awards than anyone in history.

14. Nelson Mandela unlike other politicians accepted his faults

 Nelson Mandela Facts

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Mandela never shied away from admitting his mistakes. He agreed to the fact that during his presidency he did not give much attention to the AIDS crisis. So once he left his office he worked a lot on the awareness with regards to this disease. He appealed to the people to treat AIDS like any other ordinary disease and not like a curse. He established a non-profit organization to help people ailing with AIDS, the organization also helped in spreading awareness and with prevention of the disease. His son died of a disease which was very similar to AIDS which is why he continued working towards a cure for AIDS.

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15. United Nations celebrates Nelson Mandela day

 Nelson Mandela Facts

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Another one of Nelson Mandela facts is that United Nations celebrates, Nelson Mandela day on July 18th, which is the great man’s birthday. The purpose of this day is inspiring people to do community work. The man left behind a legacy, which promoted humanity. He has been an example for many and has inspired many people to do good for others.

These Nelson Mandela facts are evident of the fact that he is known to be one of the biggest revolutionaries of modern history. He was a man who spent almost seven decades of his life, struggling for equality between human beings. He always wanted a non-racial democratic society, where people lived without being labeled as blacks or whites. The fact that he served 27 years in prison, for a struggle he believed in, made him a national and global hero. The fact that it was his powerful struggle which led to the end of the apartheid increased his popularity in leaps and bounds.

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