15 Amazing and Inspiring Nelson Mandela Facts

6. His favorite food was tripe

 Nelson Mandela life

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Being someone who had been raised in a tribal area, this does not come as a surprise. Even though he had wined and dined in some of the best restaurants globally with amazing and influential people for company, he loved tripe. For those who do not know, tripe is the stomach lining of farm animals.

7. He had run away from home

 Nelson Mandela Facts

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A very interesting fact about Nelson Mandela life was that he avoided marriage. He and his cousin Justice literally ran away from home to avoid an arranged marriage!

8. He secretly passed notes when he was in jail

 Nelson Mandela life

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In order to improve the living conditions on Robben Island, Mandela, and other prisoners made a plan. For the plan to succeed, they used to pass on notes in a very secretive manner. Notes were placed in toilet tanks, in matchboxes and under piles of ashes. This tactic helped them to collectively go on a hunger strike to ensure that conditions in the prison were improved.

9. He got a chance to get out of prison

 Nelson Mandela Facts

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President Botha offered Mandela a free life only if he gave up on the armed struggle, to which he refused. It is believed that Botha and Mandela were arch rivals because of the vast difference between their ideologies, however, going by the pictures of their meeting, they seemed to surprisingly cordial. Botha and Mandela are referred to as “the crocodile and the Saint”, by the African people.

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10. He was greatly inspired by William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus”

 Nelson Mandela Facts

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Nelson Mandela took to extensive reading when he was in jail. He read William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus”, to all his prison mates. The poem is very inspirational, and is about the “never say die”, spirit. This poem about not giving up, gave Mandela and his fellow members a lot of motivation, to tirelessly strive in making their movement a success.

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